Friday, September 02, 2011

is it now Manic Cheat Preachers?

hey everyone

well, there's been an "interesting" development in my complaint about the rip-off nature of the forthcoming (ahem) 'deluxe' box set for the (ahem) 'Complete' Manic Street Preachers single.

the wording on the advert has changed somewhat :

if the above isn't too clear, here is the text :

38 re-mastered vinyl finish CD Singles, a poster, a DVD of all 38 videos plus bonus video content, 7” vinyl of New Art Riot, Suicide Alley, Jackie Collins Existential Question Time, a lipstick and vanity mirror and a limited number will also contain a 7” of Motown Junk.

hmn, so no longer are they stating that it's 38 songs on 38 CDs!

this could be a promising sign - if, and i do mean if, this translates as all the b-sides are indeed going to be included, then this box set shall be exceptionally awesome and very good value indeed.

there is no indication, however, that it will be anything other than the poor set that was suggested in the first appearance - i mean, if it is to include all the b-sides, then why not say that on the hastily reworded advert?

sadly it looks like they've just changed the wording to hide the fact that it is only one song per disc, which is a rather dishonest approach.

i really hope i'm wrong and this does turn out to be the set the fans deserve and want.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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