Monday, June 06, 2011

four cousins at South Fork

hey everyone

well, last weekend (as in the one just before this most recent of ones) we went off to South Fork. ostensibly this was to see the returning Grandma and, yes, hello sailors, Grandad, but also so that we could babysit Lyla and Ruby-Lee Valentine whilst Richard and Erika went off to some sort of race.

as you can well imagine, all sorts of fun was had, in particular as Grandad was off to the mentioned races and thus not there to tell everyone to be quiet whilst he cast his attention upon the aforementioned racing via means of the television. so much fun was had, in fact, that for the most part we forgot entirely to take pictures for large passages of the day. when i did remember to take some images, it transpired that the batteries in my camera were not as full of electricity as they might have been, but thankfully Grandma's camera was splendidly full of what mine lacked.

a good a time as any to get a camera out, so to speak, is when people are getting ready to eat. James, it has to be said, usually sees eating as a distraction from doing what he wants, but when the mood takes him there's no stopping him. he was certainly thrilled to be allowed to be let loose and make cheese sandwiches with Lyla!

as for the general babysitting we were there to do, well, it kind of went OK, but could have gone somewhat better as Ruby-Lee all of a sudden decided that she did not particularly care for this Uncle Lee chap at all, really! she started crying whenever i tried to hold her, or indeed whenever she was sat quietly and worked out that she was all of a sudden alone with me. oh dear! not sure exactly what i did, but i am certainly very sorry for it!

never mind, young William was always on hand to cheer her up!

i do quite like the quizzical "what?" look William has developed as a response to being disturbed when he is up to something, as you can see in the below picture!

going back to the splendid cheese sandwiches James and Lyla were making find us deciding to have a jolly old picnic on one of the few areas of the garden that Grandad has not built something on yet. now, getting one child to look in the direction of a camera is a challenge. you really should not even attempt with four, quite frankly, but we did. it didn't quite work.

i do love how William's looking at all that food in front of him rather than anywhere near the camera!

we had another attempt, with me and my most magnificent shirt bearing the image of The King, Elvis Presley, but we all just ended up watching what William was up to rather than looking camera-ways!

and that's all i have right now! i believe Grandad has found a few more, which hopefully he shall forward on, as long as he is not too cross with the comments made here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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