Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elvis Impersonator

hey everyone

"it's OK, i will go around impersonating him, see how he likes it.".

those are the words attributed to the late, great Stanley Kubrick when he was informed that a con man called Alan Conway was running around London (innit) posing as him. it is a wonderful, if slightly disturbing, story and has been made into a wonderful if little seen film, the details of which you can find here.

it remains to be seen if my Dad's latest class idea gets as much attention or even a film version as per the Conway/Kubrick incident, but you never know. for reasons which are as best known to himself as they are not exactly surprising Richard decided to get Dad a class set of sunglasses and sideburns in the image of those worn by The King, Elvis Presley on a frequent basis.

needless to say, my Dad thinks they are excellent.

i simply cannot wait to see him wearing these at the same time as his beloved red shoes, driving the Jag about town!

i am not sure if The King, Elvis Presley reads my blog (never forget my conclusive proof that he is in China, details available here), but if he does and sees this i can only hope he takes this all as a compliment.

it does look like Dad is having exceptional fun with his new look!

i opted to get Dad the excellent looking Ladies & Gentlemen The Rolling Stones! DVD, but i would imagine that it goes without saying that had i seen this set i would probably have got it for him too, which would have been interesting as Richard and i somehow managed to get Dad identical Fathers' Day cards!

hopefully there will be many more incidents of him wearing this class outfit in the near future. we can only hope that he gets the bejewelled jumpsuit to go with it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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