Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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well, a tricky review to write is one for a film that has a "twist" or two (or three) in the plot, really. it's really unfair to give anything away, but there's the inevitable chance that one will give something away. i shall do my best to reveal too much about this film, but shall add a warning just now!

in short, Unknown is a film that is well worth seeing. if you do not wish to risk learning more than that at this stage, then be warned, for as careful as i shall try to be there are *** POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD ***

Unknown centres on a doctor and his wife (Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger) arriving in Berlin for some sort of bio-chemical (i think) seminar at which Neeson's character is expected to speak. on getting to their hotel, however, Neeson notes that his briefcase appears to have been left at the airport. he hails the next passing taxi intent on going to collect it.
on the journey to the airport he is unable to get a signal on his phone to alert his wife as to what's going on. then, in a quite random incident, an accident involving the taxi happens and Liam is left unconscious. he awakens in a hospital four days later (we are told) and finds his life has more or less "gone". he has no means of identifying himself, no one recognizes him and, most curiously of all, his wife not only denies ever seeing him, but introduces her husband, who has the same name, to him.

and i can't really say more than the remainder of the film is him working out who he is and what has happened, really. there are enough red herrings and plot turns to keep you guessing - it's nowhere near as simple to work out as something like the very disappointing Shutter Island, for instance, which is why it is well worth watching.

the film is another great role for Liam Neeson, who with this, The A Team and Taken seems to have decided being an action star is for him at the moment. no bad thing, as he's a decent actor and one you can believe that would be able to "handle" himself in most situations. for nearly 20 years now i have commented that it was surprising that they didn't consider him for the role of James Bond when Timothy Dalton quit; i believe he would be excellent in the part. he would certainly, at the least, have been much better than that complete and utter nancy boy they cast for GoldenEye.

right, there you go - a film very much to find and watch!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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