Tuesday, June 28, 2011

William's new sleepwear

hi everyone

well, i managed to get a few pictures today of William in his most excellent new sleeping outfit - i think "babygro" is the proper term for them. then again, "jumpsuit" would also be a good name for it.

Auntie Gillian, Uncle Grant and cousins Katie and Daniel very kindly sent three new such outfits on to us all the way from New Zealand, for we are unable to find similar ones to this here for some odd reason.

the Post Office very kindly put a huge import tax on the parcel too, but apparently i am not allowed to grumble, complain or comment about that. although it is worth mentioning that the tax on my Bowie package was less than 10% of the tax on these outfits. moving on, then.....

here's William, showing Auntie Gillian that it does indeed fit just fine!

i must say the labels on the outfit are quite class. they state that they were all designed in New Zealand, made in China, and that you should keep them at least 1 (one) meter away from any heat or fire source. this is a partial bonus for William, really - he rather likes seeing what the Chinese do with other people's designs. as far as i am aware he has not had any desire to do fire dancing or walking on hot coals, so presumably he shall comply with the heat guidance aspect of the label.

now this next picture is quite class.....

you will note a scratch on his head. that, apparently, is the result of a "disagreement" with another baby at creche today over whose turn it was to play with a particular toy. one toy of about a thousand that they have to choose from. sorry, i have no clue who ended up with the toy, but the evidence suggests that William has earned the right to play with it!

this next picture is somewhat misleading, as William looks a bit concerned or troubled in it.

well, he was concerned and troubled i suppose, but only to the extent that Daddy was stood with his camera in front of the television whilst Teletubbies was on!

apologies for the lack of pictures of James in this post. at present he is trying to rid the world of Rice Krispies single-handedly, to be honest. they have some sort of "create a play" thing going on with the boxes, and he just wants to eat and eat them to get the empty boxes and cut out the characters on the inside. no doubt he will feature on this blog in the near future!

many thanks again, New Zealand, for the ace outfits!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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