Monday, June 27, 2011

Golden Years and a big plus.....

hey everyone

well, you may recall from a recent post (this one) that David Bowie had, a mere year after the re-issue of Station To Station, decided to issue a single from it. that single was Golden Years, and i duly bought it from those excellent people at record store.

i was a bit hesitant at ordering at first, as it worked out to be rather pricey for the CD and the 12", and i couldn't see me having one without the other. however, the desire to have yet more Bowie records was too strong, and thus an order was placed.

i am rather glad that i did, really!

very, very, very glad that i did, as it happens! why? because the song is so great, you ask? well, of course, but it's not like i am not swamped with it already on discs, tapes and records. because the remixes are so excellent, perhaps? well, they are rather good, yes - not the "rave" nonsense i was expecting, instead each one places emphasis on a particular part of the lavish instrumentation for the song. not sure how often they will get played, but they are rather good.

so why so glad? well, that would be because of what else was in the parcel. the shot of the records above are sat on it, so here's the full picture!

blimey! a Station To Station t-shirt!!!!! a very unexpected inclusion! there was no reference to it, or even the chance of one being included, on the site when i ordered, and still there is no reference! i could barely believe my eyes when i opened up the pack and saw it!

the downside, if there is one, is that the shirt, alas, is apparently intended for a much slimmer gent than your humble narrator. oh well, i could sort of lose weight to fit into it, but then again there's very little chance of me wishing to wear it and risk it getting damaged! yes, it is sat safe in a nice bag right now, and shall probably stay that way!

i am not sure if any or all other orders come with the t-shirt too, but never mind that at the moment - an important note for any vinyl enthusiasts reading this is the superb quality of the 12" pressing. it has been done on ultra, uber heavyweight vinyl, and thus is well worth your time considering for your collection. needless to say, i suggest that if you wish to buy, you consider using the excellent services of record store.

right, one more play of the mixes for me tonight and then off to bed!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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