Monday, June 06, 2011

the two cousins who were not at South Fork....

hey everyone

well, following on from the last post, alas not all six cousins could be at South Fork that last weekend. we of course really wish that they could be, if for no reason other than to see how long Grandad lasts with all 6 running about before he buggers off to potter about in his shed.

the absent two, Katie and Daniel, were of course in their sort of native New Zealand. i think these pictures are from the most recent last weekend rather than the one before it, by the way - sorry, but as shall be discussed shortly, a certain sister of mine gets unrealistically cross when i get names wrong, or simply make them up.

as it is the occasion of Daniel's birthday this week (tomorrow, i believe), Daniel announced that he really did not wish for a birthday party. instead, he wanted to go along, with his dear sister and two friends, to a place called Lollipops. i put some emphasis on this as this is the "proper" name for the place after the fallout from the last time. i could not for the life of me remember what it was called, and thus just took the decision to assume it was called "Dominoes" as that sounded like a good name. Gillian disagreed somewhat, and demanded to know of me what was wrong with just using the right names for places. so there you go.

anyway, it looks like they had great fun!

i assume at this stage that Daniel wanting to go there and Murphy's Irish Stout being freely available are unrelated, but you never know.

unless i am very much mistaken, it looks like Gillian got busy in the kitchen before they all headed off to Dominoes or whatever it is called and produced some of her legendary cup cakes!

nice one! it would be an even nicer nice one if i could blame Gillian's cup cakes for Katie losing a tooth, but i dare say this is not the case, and Katie has by sheer co-incidence lost one of her baby / milk teeth like James has recently.

if i am, once more, not mistaken, Katie has lost the tooth that is next to the one, from a dental perspective, that James dispensed with. "lost" is also a loose term here, i dare say that Katie, like James, made absolutely sure that the tooth was preserved for collection by and payment from the tooth fairy!

oh look, this next picture has the proper name of the place, albeit with an entirely incorrect and inappropriate apostrophe placed between the final p and the ending s, in the background.

in the foreground, though, it looks like Katie is having a very splendid time, and certainly does not have any incorrect apostrophe thingies bothering her!

Daniel must be king of smooth talkers, for whereas one can understand having birthday celebrations a touch early, being allowed to open cards and presents before your actual birthday is quite a bonus!

i am somewhat surprised that Gillian let him do that, but nice one for him!

now, i think this next picture is not so much from the Ice Cream playpark they were at as it was from Grant's celebratory birthday dinner (for it was recently his birthday too), but i dare say he looked not too different from this after a hard day playing at Lollipops!

many thanks for the pictures, Gillian! more from New Zealand on the way rather soon, i have some most excellent images of Grant to post!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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