Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fiji fun.....

hey everyone

well, wouldn't you know, i am the recipient of just over one hundred and twenty photographs from my sister! not all of the pictures show off splendid New Zealand, though - in fact i think only one or two of them do, and even then it is of the airport region. she has instead sent on some images of a place known as, and indeed called, Fiji, for this is where she and the gang went for, i think, a week.

i cannot profess to know much of Fiji, except that it is a mere vowel change away from being Fuji, who make class camera stuff and i think, once upon a time, video tapes. this lack of knowledge should not be seen as a barrier to understanding the pictures Gillian has sent on, though, so let's have a look at them. erm, when i say "them", i mean several selected pictures, and not all hundred or so of them!

and let's start off with a picture which might not be in Fiji. i mean, it could in theory be somewhere near Fiji (Fijian?) airspace, i suppose, but then again it also might very well not be.

it strikes me as being that airlines going to and from NZ are rather classy. i am assuming of course that Daniel and Katie are in this picture watching something on a TV screen in front of them, or i suppose they could be just staring at the headrest. i mean, and this is one of the theoretical facts which shall be presented here, the distance in terms of air travel between NZ and Fiji is, i am told, only 4 hours. that's not all that much time to spend staring at a headrest. this would be particularly true if it was a most class headrest. Gillian did not, alas, take a picture of the headrest (or TV if that is what is there and thus what they are looking at), so your guess is as good as mine at this stage. unless you have been on the plane in the picture and are aware of what it is they might be looking at.

erm, the above feels like something of a large detour away from the point of this post. let us move on.

now then, not knowing much about Fiji means i have absolutely no idea what one grows there, if one is in the business of growing. this picture suggests that they grow coconuts.

or at least they did grow coconuts, if that's what they are. Daniel looks like he has tried to rid the country of them, does he not? and what better way to get rid of a massive stash of coconuts (or unspecified fruit) than by asking Daddy and Katie to eat them all?

i am not convinced that they did manage to eat all of the coconuts, though, as Daniel's backpack in this next picture looks like he may very well have one or two (or three or four) hidden away for a later, unspecified use.

nice of you to pop up in one picture, by the way, Gillian!

speaking of Gillian, and indeed eating in Fiji, i made one simple, presumed to be easy enough request from them when they headed off to Fiji. that request was to take a picture, preferably with Grant in it, of a KFC in the place. it would have been quite splendid to see an image of where The King, Elvis Presley might have gone to eat should he ever have decided to pop over to Fiji for a bit.

apparently this was a bit too much to ask as the only picture i got that was close to being a KFC was this one.

yeah, OK, Hard Rock Cafe is pretty smart and that, but it is not KFC, is it? i have done some research and it turns out that there are branches of KFC in Fiji, and furthermore their website shows you how to get to them easily enough. oh well, i suppose i shall just have to go there myself one day to see the magic of KFC as interpreted by the people of Fiji.

as for what there is to do for entertainment and that in Fiji, well, with the emphasis on the "and that" part of the sentence it would be fair to suggest that they have fewer sheep than they do in New Zealand. that would explain why Grant decided to take the kids off in a canoe to look at "neighbouring islands" on the off chance that they might have sheep who were willing to [TEXT REMOVED ON LEGAL ADVICE], like they presumably do in New Zealand with some enthusiasm.

on a night it looks like you can do things that are even better than things one might do with sheep, really, although i can proclaim no expert wisdom in what may or may not be better than anything involving wool. i just happen to think it is excellent that in Fiji on a night you can send your kids off to the beach to watch some dude eat fire, presumably before or after a game of volleyball, going on the net.

all of those kids, in particular the lad with the red shirt and cap on, look well impressed with that. i wonder how many headed home and tried it?

if watching some fella play volleyball before or after eating fire or attempting to recreate Papillon in the quest for sheep are not your thing, i am led to believe that there are other excellent things to do in Fiji. one of them would be to have a go on a most excellent water slide; something i am told Katie and Daniel did on a frequent basis. here they are going down the slide (i think it's them, at least).

note the look on the face of the child waiting to go down. it's like with his eyes he is saying "once our country was blessed with many coconuts (or similar looking splendid yet unspecifed fruits) and hardly anyone ate fire. look at us now".

failing any of the mentioned forms of entertainment (if you can call [TEXT REMOVED ON LEGAL ADVICE] to some poor sheep "entertainment"), Fiji does appear to offer one the opportunity to stand around and just look really, really cool. like Katie does here.

one can never really judge how beautiful a country is until one sees how they love and respect any branch of KFC that The Colonel has allowed them to open within their borders. we have been denied the chance to do that, of course, but all the same i must say that Fiji looks like an amazing, beautiful place.

indeed, at the time of the sun drifting towards the area below the horizon, it really does look like a place you could just lay down, relax and chill in. that's not a bad way to spend time, really, not at all.

well, there you have it. i believe they only spent a week there, but it must have been tempting to stay on for even longer. well, it would be tempting if it were not for the lack of KFC and somewhat relaxed lifestyle sheep, i suppose - bearing that in mind, it is a wonder that Grant stayed a full week, even.

many thanks, despite not sending the one i asked for, for sending on these excellent pictures, sis! looks like a truly amazing place, hope you all had a stack of fun!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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