Tuesday, June 07, 2011

more joy trying to actually buy music.....

hey everyone

well, in his customary leisurely style David Bowie has chosen to release a single off Station To Station to mark, celebrate or if you will "promote" the re-release of this magnificent album, oh, a year or so ago. not that i am complaining - any David Bowie release is a welcome David Bowie release, so long as it is not a re-release of Never Let Me Down.

this being 2011, however, it still remains the case that actually buying music, something that those poor record companies cry that we do not do frequently enough, is made as tricky as possible by the very same record companies.

Bowie's current label is nowhere near as bad as the one of the Manic Street Preachers, the enemy of consumers that is Sony, who make it virtually impossible for fans outside of the UK to buy anything. his people are also not as bad as Liam and Beady Eye, who produce very few copies of the singles and then rather bewilderingly cry that the single hasn't made the charts. that said, Mr Bowie could have done "a little" easier for us fans to throw money at him.

the official David Bowie sites will direct you to either a rubbish "app" and compressed download for one of them Apple things, or off to amazon to buy the CD single and/or 12". amazon, or at least the UK version of amazon, however, appear to not actually have the 12", and thus you have to chance your arm purchasing from the excellent-but-ships-to-UK-only experience that is amazon marketplace. ho hum.
happily, though, the most excellent website store thingie that is recordstore are to have both in stock for "regular" sale, if somewhat annoyingly as seperate packages rather than as their usual "single bundles". i have taken the liberty of ordering both anyway, and thus a rather considerable portion of the limited funds that would make up my current estate is sat with them for my order. if you are interested in purchasing this, and i hope you are, then this is the site to get it from, especially as they seem to have the CD single version for considerably less than the "official" amazon site.

so what exactly is this single? who gives a flying one, really, is how i answer that. for those keen on more detail, however, it seems to be the original version of Golden Years, "digitally remastered" and all that, along with four mixes or if you will remixes by DJs who call themselves, presumably as a collective, KCRW.

the only problem i can see with this release, outside of the battle to find somewhere which will actually sell it to you, is the rather lacking cover artwork. a shame they did not simply just revive the excellent mid-70s single artwork, really.

hopefully my set shall land before the month is out, at which point i shall certainly do my best to remember to update this jolly site with my musings on the content. happy shopping if you set yourself up with a copy!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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