Friday, June 24, 2011


hey everyone

well, the June Solstice has passed this week, which means that it is time for the most excellent festival ever, Glastonbury, this weekend. if i were going to it, i would be a bit stuck with who to go and see this evening - U2 and Primal Scream are playing at the same time on (obviously) different stages. yes, Glastonbury is that excellent.

i was somewhat reluctant to post the recent "uproar" (ahem) about the inclusion of The Wombles on the bill for Sunday because, for reasons i shall go into, i am convinced that the whole incident is a not particularly intelligent nor elaborate publicity stunt.

Michael Eavis, the Glastonbury founder, supremo, overlord and organizer, has apparently expressed criticism and regret at booking The Wombles to play at this years' festival. yes, you read that right - the man responsible, at the end of the day, for who does and does not get booked to perform, is having a go at someone booked to perform.

the fact that he is bring critical of an act he must be responsible for booking, an eyebrow must surely be raised at the act he targeted. The Wombles are, after all, much loved from their days on childrens TV. further, the general message of The Wombles was to keep places tidy and care for the environment - causes very close to the heart of the Glasto organizers. this would be why i suspect Mr Eavis' comments were little more than a ruse to garner yet more column inches in newspapers and magazines for his festival. strange considering the saturation coverage the event gets, but i suppose there is no such thing as too much publicity.

inevitably the comments have snowballed, with all sorts of groups being formed and comments being posted in defence of The Wombles. the defence of The Wombles at Glastonbury reached an astonishing height this week when none other than Primal Scream "popped by" where The Wombles were rehearsing to show solidarity and support!

The Scream, perhaps indicating that certain substances are alive and well in the world of the Primals, expressed their regret that they were unable to join The Wombles on stage on Sunday, but wished them every bit of success and luck they could. nice of them to do!

for those of us not able to attend Glastonbury, no doubt the event shall once again be pretty much covered across the media - the BBC, for a start, send many trucks full of many people with recording gear to cover it all.

do try to remember that you are a Womble!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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