Thursday, June 02, 2011

how much????

hi everyone

well, i have found the other pictures of Mum & Dad's trip to "bonny" Scotland and beyond (or below, if you will). i have, alas, been a bit too busy between the boys and verk (and i am led to believe i have a wife somewhere) to do much in the way of updates with them. however, a couple of things in one picture caught my eye, and thus i am taking a quick break to put the picture here.

do you see what i see?

no, i don't mean Gramps wondering what the bloody hell Dad is doing with the camera now, and nor do i mean Gran and Mum checking out something on the menu. i mean some items on the menu!

the press in England have of course for years gone on about Rip Off Britain with the costs of everything, but it is quite interesting to see it once in a while. let me highlight what i mean :

yep, you are reading that correctly. £2.95 for beans on toast! that's quite a price for the meal, considering that for less than this i can get a half chicken and chips for lunch!

i decided to try and investigate exactly why beans on toast would be so expensive, assuming that i had not missed anything and it's not just that Loch Lomond is some sort of bizarre tourist trap. i did some price checks on the site of what i am led to believe is Britain's biggest grocer, Tesco, and found the following prices. if we assume for the moment that this place used the finest ingredients, then a 1kg "fridge pack" (whatever the hell that is) of Heinz Baked Beans costs £1.78 and a loaf the most splendid (and very much missed by your humble narrator) Hovis Doorstep bread, weighing 800g, costs £1.15. if you assume that the beans on toast served does not feature a whole loaf and a kilo of baked beans, that's quite an interesting mark up, is it not?

the soup looks to be quite curiously priced too :

as i would have no idea what soup starts at an entry level fee of £3.50 i cannot comment too much here, but the "choice of a (as in one) bread roll" that presents itself as some sort of special deal struck me as odd. the most expensive, flashy breadrolls one can purchase from Tesco seem to be a packet of four Poppy Seed Deli Rolls, which costs 84p a packet or if you will 21p per bread roll. blimey!

well, not sure when we will be visiting the UK next, but i cannot see it being any time soon. even if we could afford the flights there, it does not look particularly good for being able to afford to eat whilst visiting!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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