Monday, June 13, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises (in Croydon)

hey everyone

well, i suppose i could put a splendid ** SPOILER ** warning here for your amusement, but what exactly is the point? the huge level of anticipation, and indeed excitement, about The Dark Knight Rises means that every other web page on the whole of the interest is going to be publishing stories or images relating to it. and, on that note, welcome to what must be by default the other page you have clicked on.

after the less than revealing images from india a little while ago the production for this film seems to have moved to the glamour of Croydon, an area i am led to believe is somewhere in or around London (innit). a rather class looking, clearly Spinal Tap influenced website called This Is Croydon have published a few pictures - nothing too revealing, but interesting all the same.

first up and here's an NY looking taxi looking like it has been done up to be a Gotham City.

whether it's an NY or Gotham taxi, you would imagine that it is somewhat out of place in Croydon, as cosmopolitain as the place no doubt is. actually, i think my dear sister either lived there or rather close to it once upon a time.

for all the "spy" or "leaked" set photographs that have come out thus far, none of the cast have actually featured in them - bar one official image of Bane, and i wish you much fun in finding it. it is possible that the below picture is a significant charatcer, however, although no one seems to have seen any well known actor or actress on the set.

and which building is it that someone is either entering in an interesting way or exiting in quite a hurry? well, it would appear to be a hopsital; presumably not the one that The Joker blew up in The Dark Knight.

on the note of blowing stuff up, apparently the makers of this film sought permission to blow up an entire stadium for one scene. this was declined, but oddly they have got permission to set off loads and loads of explosions inside a stadium anyway. interesting......

no doubt over the next few months even more pictures will pop up across the whole of the internet. if they are of interest, i shall be doing my best to re-post them here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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