Thursday, June 09, 2011

a double double down on the double

hey everyone

i do, it has to be said, have a concern that every now and then my blog might be seen as some sort of conduit for odd ramblings about KFC. i believe there are frequent posts on this fine supplier of chicken, although frequently justified in relation to the whereabouts of The King, Elvis Presley. ho hum, i suppose if people do not like it then they are not obliged to read!

here, then, with that moral dilemma out of the way, is more news of KFC in New Zealand. the double down, as you will recall from earlier posts (unless you are one of those people who skips over these posts on the subject), is now up for sale in the land of the Kiwi. at the least, however, it is on sale there for now. apparently Gillian heard something on the radio there that suggested they would not be available for much longer.

this threw Grant into something of a panic, and thus off he went to get his hands on another one as soon as he could.

i have no clue to the validity of the claim that the double down burger shall soon be removed from the menu in New Zealand. i do know, however, that they made very similar claims in the USA and Australia, and then soon after announced "actually we are going to just keep on selling it". i am not implying that The Colonel is engaging in underhand or dishonest advertising, but then again i would not be surprised if they just carried on selling these until the end of time.

either way, Grant was delighted to get his hands on another one, whatever the excuse for doing so!

now this next picture is quite excellent. Gillian did not send it to me at first, and Grant was quite upset with her for not doing so. have a look at it, and you can see why.

magnificent, isn't it? look at how, from his place on a throne in heaven, Colonel Saunders has cast the most radiant and beautiful stream of sunlight towards the proud consumer of one of the finest items out of many fine items produced in his name. this picture is nothing short of proof of a divine act of nature giving approval and a sign of sheer delight to the phenomenon known as the double down burger.

with some luck Gillian shall remember to take pictures of Grant at a KFC not in New Zealand in the not too distant future.......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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