Tuesday, June 07, 2011

more pictures of the last Saturday before last Saturday...

hey everyone

as promised, more pictures have turned up from "about a week ago", to cut down on confusion (mostly in the mind of your humble narrator) in regards of which Saturday i speak of.

moving swiftly on, and here is a picture of my lovely youngest niece Ruby-Lee Valentine, a picture i managed to get before she clocked that it was Uncle Lee and thus started crying.

we're not quite sure why exactly Ruby-Lee is not at all keen on her Uncle Lee, but it is not without precedent in our family. many years ago, in a time when Adam remained with his Ants and Frankie had yet to go to Hollywood, Gillian burst out into tears at the sight of the one they know as Uncle Colin. oddly, she changed her mind and got rather attached to him, just before we moved to the other side of the (then) known world.

more recently, William was not at all keen on this Grandad chap, also being reluctant to be held by him. i suspect that this might be because James had told him tales of how Grandad makes you do lots of work in the garden and then offers you a thrashing via slipper as means of reward, to be honest. however, William has had a change of heart of late, and really loves his Grandad!

i do quite like the dapper, debonair, look at me i am a playboy pose that Dad has struck in that picture!

in the mean time, though, despite several comments in the last post about this particular day suggesting that Grandad might be prone to being just a bit grumpy every now and then (if you take "now and then" as meaning those times in which he is awake), he is still the number one playground of choice for all his grandchildren!

righty-ho, that will do for updates for a while, have to go and do some verk anyway!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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