Thursday, October 09, 2008

Clan Harland........luvvly jubbly

well, you have already seen a glimpse of the Harland family kitchen (see the "chef" post!), but here's some full shots of the family that, wisely or otherwise, put Mum & Dad up for a week or so!

first up, here's Andrew. Andrew's looking might fine, tall and handsome these days. i believe the purpose of being in the car was for an excursion to the outer reaches of the land they call Hull; one can imagine that he broke a number of hearts there!

and the of course there is Christopher, looking equally fine and handsome; in particular as he is wearing a shirt celebrating the little-known, minor event we are holding down here in about two years time!

and here's Colin, in a restaurant and looking mighty fine in a class 80's style get up. it's the kind of thing that Crockett would wear around town, which means it is quality fashion. the lady behind him certainly seems to agree!

now i know that modesty will have Angela hoping that i did not include a picture of her, but here she is with, well, you know the names of everyone else by now!!

now here's an interesting picture. i would assume that it is Dad and Colin under these masks, but who exactly are are masks of? to tell the truth, when i first saw this pic, i was trying to work out why on earth they had masks of Ronald Reagan and Roger Daltrey.....

i am however assured that they are masks of Del Boy and Rodney from the much celebrated, much loved Only Fools And Horses! well, when you know that it's supposed to be those two, you can see the resemblance!!

thank you Colin, Angela, Christopher and Andrew for putting up (with?) Mum and Dad for a few days! Gillian and i constantly debate which retirement home we should ship them off to one day, with me firmly believing they would be happy with a nice bungalow-like shed in Auckland, and Gillian begging to differ. perhaps we should bravely compromise and dump them on the Harland family on a permanent basis? no, James would miss them. as would we all!

i think there's another batch of pics left in me, then that should do it!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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