Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sherlock Holmes is 66% promising.....

well, it seems that the proposed Sherlock Holmes film is something that Guy Richie feels we need to see sooner rather than later!

in theory, the ex-Mr Madonna should be hawking around the world (or the parts of the world with a big enough film market) flogging his new one, RockNRolla. instead it seems he is busy filming away with his version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's celebrated intellectual detective.

there is, as the title of this post suggests, reason to be optimistic about this film. firstly, Guy Richie is surely too talented a storyteller to make any more bad films? Swept Away was a monumental act of folly, and Revolver was a good idea gone bad. very bad. by all accounts RockNRolla is a smart film; let's hope his groove is back for this one.

oh, and the biggest motivation to remain optimistic about this would be the choice of actor for the title character.

sadly the intwerwebnet has been lazy of large, crying about the fact that Robert Downey jnr thus far looks very much like he's dressed in cast-offs from the set of Chaplin to play the part of Sherlock. well, exactly how else would he dress? these are rather Victorian clothes, he could hardly be expected to play the part in jeans and a shirt, could he?

that said, it might be wise to ensure that the takeaway coffee cup is not visible in the actual film.

it's unlikely that Robert will be playing Sherlock in the same way as he played the detective type in the brilliant Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but there's no reason to think that the performance won't be as good here as it was there. as Robert is our greatest living actor with nothing close to a peer in this world, how can anything go wrong?

well, whereas nothing will go wrong with Robert's performance, one cannot help but have a healthy sense of doubt and caution about this whole Sherlock Holmes film business when you clock who it is that they have deemed wise to cast as Dr Watson....

oh dear, it's Jude Law. just how does he keep getting decent film parts? i cannot think of anything he's done that's been even bearable to watch, let alone approaching decent. his voice makes Pierce Brosnan, or even my mate Spiros, sound butch, and the bland delivery of lines he condescends to give makes you forget whatever he's uttering as he says it. there is, quite frankly, no reason to hire Jude Law to be in any film. ever. rather hire a decent actor like Clive Owen, or just postpone the project until such time as someone like Clive Owen is available.

it shall be tricky seeing this film yet just not paying attention when Mr Law does his thing in it, but i will be giving it a try!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!! and being excellent to Jude Law would to discreetly mention to him that perhaps he's in the wrong art form.
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