Thursday, October 09, 2008

out here in the fields.....

hey everyone

more pics from the tour!!!

the next two are a bit blurry, but they are unmistakable. in regards of them being blurry, as he reads this my Dad is saying "your Mum must have took them ones then". as far as unmistakable goes, well, they are landmarks from the place that i shall forever call home.

first up, the unmistakable site of Roseberry Topping, followed by a shot of Captain Cook's monument.

many are the times i have walked up and along both. well, with exams falling in the summer, what would you do - study, or take a walkman loaded with Bowie and head through the trees and fields, upwards to see all that you would want to see? i passed the exams anyway. in some instances "kind of", but passed all the same.

yes, i do dearly miss home. the people and the places are forever etched in my heart and mind. but, then again, home is very much here, with the beautiful family i have been blessed with, and i would exchange them for nothing.

i'm not the only nostalgic one, since Mum & Dad took a walk around the old village, and happened to go back to their first home. i wouldn't wish to say how long ago that was, but a hint would be that The Beatles remained a going concern then!

a few more memories - the area in which they stand is surrounded by conker trees. i recall many a gray, Autumn afternoon spent walking upon the dried brown leaves of the ground, feeling the sound of the crackle beneath every step, picking up dozens of conkers. Richard, Gillian and i probably would have been conker kings at our schools had we been patient enough to let them soak in vinegar as we were supposed to!

onwards, and out there into the fields! a rather clear sky for an October, but it looks like the wind decided to kick up a bit! never mind, Mum and Dad are still crazy enough to shield one another from it!

and here's Mum with Uncle Colin!

Colin shall, of course, forever be referred to as "dude who to me to see Frankie Goes To Hollywood, G-Mex arena, January 10 1988"!!

yes, more pics to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!! and, if you are in Ayton, take a walk through the fields, and have a Suggits ice cream!
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