Sunday, October 12, 2008

lambs, be silent.....

hey everyone

a rather curious, if not somewhat brave, batch of pictures has arrived from New Zealand this fine Sunday.

it seems that our dear family over there went off to the Ambury Regional Park Annual Farm Day today. whilst it looks like a most splendid and enjoyable event, i was rather concerned to see that there were no pictures of Grant included, what with there being a veritable treasure trove of sheep on display.

increasing my concern, if not a simple doubling of it, was this picture of Katie.

now, why exactly would Katie be telling the lambs, or anyone else for that matter, to be quiet? does she not want Daddy to find the sheep, or does she not want anyone to find out that Daddy has very much found the sheep?

and so the hunt for Grant begins. now, where would you start looking for Grant? yes, that's right......

Gillian assures me that there was some sort of sheep shearing competition going on. a likely story, ladies and gentleman. although i am not very good at lip reading, and i would suspect that one could not lip read a picture anyway, don't you just get the feeling that Gillian is saying "it's OK Katie, Daddy is just mending the battery that makes the sheepies go baa baa baa" to Katie?

i am certain that Grant has a perfectly reasonable, legally sound explanation as to where he was at the times these pictures were taken, but the concerned for his father look on young Daniel's face won't help very much when the law (or possibly an irate shepherd or two) comes looking for him.

i do hope to visit this New Zealand place one of these days, but i presume that the second Sunday in October would be bad timing for me. i will plan any trip there rather carefully so as not to interfere with Grant's curious hobbies. well, one hobby.

hope you all had as good a weekend as Grant apparently did, along with the rest of the gang in New Zealand, and us here!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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