Thursday, October 09, 2008

more diamond pictures

hi there

dear me, selecting some shots from 300 or so sent is proving to be quite a bit of work! i think i have done OK, although i have pretty much limited the selections to family pictures!

if you went to wish my Gran & Gramps a happy anniversary, thank you very much indeed, and my apologies if you are not featured here!

first up, here's Uncle Peter!

now, at a glance you may well have mistaken him for Jack Nicholson. whereas Jack would have been very welcome indeed to call in at the Grandparents, or at any of our homes, for a pint of John Smiths and a cup of tea, Uncle Peter is certainly the more welcome guest!

and here's young Robert, having a chat with Gran!

i say "young" Robert, as he is the youngest of the five grandchildren, but he got married before the rest of us and was responsible for the first great-grandchild! good to see Robert looking good and healthy, i miss him, dear Elizabeth and, well, all of them!

and speaking of people i miss, dear Uncle Travelling Trevor!

i am not sure that Trevor does all that much travelling across the world these days, but if he decides to dust down the passport once more i am sure he would find himself a most welcome guest at ours or anywhere he chose to go!

here's a good one of the elders of the family together! From left (i think, depending at which angle you look at the picture), here's Auntie Susan, Gran, Great Auntie Norma, The Legendary Stormin' Norman Gramps and Dad!

i know in the picture that looks like a class summer day in England, but i assure you the dark cloud brewing over the skies of Ayton is indeed October!

and finally, another picture of the fine card from Her Majesty. it's included here for the picture that is behind it.....

righty-ho, more pictures as soon as i get the chance to do them!!!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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