Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Did you never consider the possibility that the whole thing might have been nothing more than a charade?"

up until about 4am on Wednesday, 15 October 2008, the best theory i had heard of the great Stanley J Kubrick was that he had in fact anonymously directed Star Wars Episode V : The Empire Strikes Back. that theory developed from the fact that Kubrick was making The Shining on the same sets, that Empire had "Kubrickian" elements (good guys lose, no moral redemption to be found), and the fact that Empire is easily the best of the whole Star Wars series, rather too good to be the work of the one off director named on the credits.

the best theory i have now heard of, however, is that Stanley Kubrick created and directed the fake moon landing footage and photographs as part of some side project whilst making 2001. i say "best" here in the same sense that Billy Connolly used the word "best" in his line "it was the best thing i'd seen since i saw a kid wearing platform boots and a kilt.".

some parts of this theory are plausible and others, well, if not preposterous, then dubious. up front, i am inclined not to believe that Kubrick participated in making films of fake moon landings, but it's such interesting reading i thought i would put the best (and worst) parts of the theory up here for you to have a gander at.......

The 'Plausible' Elements

* Kubrick was a genius with images, either motion or still. if they were faked, no one at the time, perhaps no one now, could have done a better job.

* NASA "assisted" the production of 2001, under the title of "technical advice".

* what little dialog there is in 2001 revolves around a "cover story" for events on the moon - Kubrick's sense of humour hiding something in plain sight?

* Kubrick knew how to keep a secret, and he did have unprecedented power for a talented film director who didn't get around to directing too many films.

* 2001 proved that the technology existed to deliver a fake moon landing film, in particular if it was distorted and presented in black and white.

The 'Dubious' Elements

* Kubrick agreed to do it in exchange for a particular kind of lens that only NASA had; a lens he wanted to make Barry Lyndon with. nonsense, at the time Kubrick didn't even know he was going to make A Clockwork Orange next, let alone the details of the film after. although he could have wanted the lens for his intended Napoleon film. besides, Stanley had abandoned films for a lot less reason than a lens being unavailable.

* the whole thing was exposed in the film Wag The Dog, in which a film director called Stanley is hired to make a secret film for the government.

* Eyes Wide Shut, with apparent tell-tale evidence such as lines like "Did you never consider the possibility that the whole thing might have been nothing more than a charade?", was released on the 30th Anniversary of the first "moon landing".

* Danny, the child in The Shining, wears an Apollo logo on his jumper.

well, make up your own minds, really. i do not understand all the science behind the theories that show that the moon landings were faked; equally i do not understand the science behind the theories that prove the moon landings really happened.

personally, and this may surprise some of you who have followed my unusual theories on The King, i would rather live in a world where we did put a man on the moon, thank you. do all great achievements, do all dreams really have to be taken apart by conspiracy theorists?

for further reading, well, i suggest for the most part you hit your favourite search engine on the interwebnetthingie, type in "Kubrick fake moon landing film footage" and off you go. i will, however, give you one special link - click here to go and read the review of someone who has got it into their head that not only did Kubrick do all of this, but that it was also his best ever work. see just one of the films that he without doubt made and i would assume you disagree with at least the latter part of that view.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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