Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

hi there

i am delighted to report that Grandma and Grandad had a fantastic 60th Wedding Anniversary. going on the photographs i have seen (and there are many, more on that later!), it all looks like it was a busy, fun day!

before we get anywhere near pictures, the happy event made the newspapers!

sorry if the size & quality of the newspaper scans makes it tricky to read, hope that if you are interested in the tale you can access it!

there's one or two familiar names that crop up in the one below!

needless to say, they got a great and generous amount of cards to wish them well for the day, but there was one in particular which arrived that stands out somewhat from the rest!!

wow! something of an honour! my dear Gramps, Stormin' Norman, isn't usually known for his love and appreciation of all things Royal, but even he seemed rather taken with it!

sorry that we could not be there!!

right, as indicated, there are many, many pictures to post. my Dad has sent me some 300 images from the trip they took over to England. i very much doubt that all will feature up here, but give me some time, i will get the best of them (or just ones i like) up here as soon as i can!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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