Sunday, October 05, 2008

new news from New Zealand....

hi everyone

under the claim that they have only just managed to get the batteries for the camera recharged, Gillian & clan have at last sent some new pics from the land slightly to the side down under. i guess the sheep have been on a go slow or something down the battery recharge centre, then.

no matter the delay, let us enjoy the sights, the sounds and the smells of New Zealand. so long as you are prepared to accept that only 33% of this is possible on this site....

there seems to be no end to the technical, engineering ingenuity of the fine people of New Zealand, for behold, they appear to have constructed an armed and fully operational swing!

well, it might be a gift from Blighty, actually, since the Imperial specifications are all in place and it would appear structurally sound. nonetheless, they are quite clever these New Zealanders, and no matter who built it, Daniel and Katie would appear to be having fun on it!

for good measure, here are Katie and Daniel very kindly taking a break from some sort of wrestle or other engagement to pose for a picture.

and now, ladies and gentleman, be prepared to be quite dazzled by this full show of strength of the powers and merits of New Zealand refridgeration / freezing skills!!

anyone wish to bet that this be a kiwi fruit lolly they have? assuming that they have kiwi fruit to take the juice from in New Zealand, of course. if they didn't have kiwi fruit available in New Zealand, well, it's not quite the correct use of the word, but it would be ironic in the commonly used sense of the phrase.

thank you Gillian for the pictures! a delight to see Katie and Daniel, but a great shame not to have any new pictures of Grant. who was probably off playing something or other. near the flocks of sheep. alone.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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