Thursday, October 09, 2008

the loose-clothed chef

hey everyone

those of you who know him hardly need me to tell you this, but my Dad is one of life's eccentrics. it is not everyone who travels thousands of miles to see places and people, after all. it is also not everyone that does this and considers one of the highlights to be bothering the kitchens of friends and family with some extravagant cooking. before six in the morning. in their pj's.

believe it or not, this is a sight that is welcomed, in fact embraced, around the world. there are houses in Denver, Ohio, Melbourne, New Zealand and beyond that would welcome being woken up and discovering this display in the house!! in this instance, it is the fine Harland home in Coulby Newham being treated to this display.

he once famously did something similar to this in Sun City, when he lost patience with the kitchen's abilities (or lack thereof) in the world of poached eggs. yes, the patience was of a span of no more than four minutes. but at least he had some shorts and a shirt on that time.

nice one Dad, keep it up!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and, if you find my Dad in your kitchen a good while before the sun blesses the sky, just have a seat and let him get on with it.
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