Sunday, October 19, 2008

send away the tigers? not likely.....

hey everyone

well, with James feeling better (tonsillitis had laid him out for the past week or so), Sunday morning seemed like the ideal time to go out for a special treat, especially as Johannesburg's afternoons would appear to have welcomed back thunderstorms. and what a treat we went off to see!

James loves going for walks (runs) around the magnificent Lory Park near us, and so we went there. what he didn't know, and i did, was that he would be able to get a little bit closer to some of his favourites than usual...............

Lory Park is now home to three gorgeous baby Siberian Tigers, or pups or kittens or whatever the correct term is. as long as you promised to be very careful with the tigers, well, as you can see, you were allowed to go in and see them up close! James did indeed promise to be nice with them, and more or less held up that promise; by James standards at least. i am somewhat at fault for any terms of the promise not being obliged, as in fairness i did not specify "do not try to pick them up like the catties at home".

the pictures here are of James with one of the two "nice ones". of the three, in the words of James, one was a naughty one, which had to go and sit in the corner as it would not behave nicely. if you want a definition or some means of clarification on what a "naughty" baby tiger does, well, i have class paw prints all over the back of my shirt. and James has little nibble marks on his t-shirt...... harm done, mind! as you can see, this nice baby tiger was very friendly with James, and James took quite a shine to him or her! he didn't specifically ask if we could take one of them home with us, perhaps he is now of a wisdom that lets him know what the answer would be and thus avoided the topic to prevent disappointment. besides, i think his failed attempts to pick up one of the tigers and carry it about may well have led to him appreciating the cats at home all the more who, when they are not as astute or aware as they could be in paying attention to their surroundings, kind of tolerate James hauling them around!

well, if you are in the area, i suggest you get to Lory Park as soon as possible. soon, and it could be weeks rather than months, they will be a bit too big (and have even more teeth) to let people in to see them, sit with them, stroke with them and get the odd light-hearted mauling off them. it is, as you can see, splendid fun!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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