Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas, Gillian!

hey everyone

well, this is a touch early for Gillian to be getting birthday and/or Christmas presents, and indeed this is one that she is unlikely to ever actually get her hands on directly, but what the heck!

Gillian, dear sister, behold "your" new 'Mega Star' MS-6000 double cassette deck recorder!

now, in 2010 this might strike one as an unusual type of gift, mindful of the techonology freely available. however, my sister quite likes me making her tapes for her car and sending them on to her. as my last two tape decks have blown out in the last two years (the final one very shortly before this investment) and they seem all but impossible to repair in this great disposable age, i had little choice but to get it!

i must admit i do like the look of it, it has a very 80s feel about it!

some of you may well wonder why exactly Gillian has a tape deck in her car. well, the quick and conclusive answer would be that she finds it easier to have a tape deck and have me post new tapes on a (mostly) monthly basis than it would be for her to get a CD player or some sort of mp-thing device installed. and i quite enjoy sitting and making tapes for her, so there!

as for what to tape on it for her first, well, there are one or two things i know she will like, but i am certain that she's really eager to hear the 20th anniversary edition of the self-titled debut by The Stone Roses sooner than anything else. i will see what i can do!

hope you like your present Gillian!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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