Friday, October 10, 2008

the Spiros in Uganda adventure continues....

hi there

thanks to the joys of modern technology, my chum Spiros is keeping me fully updated with his exciting adventures in Uganda. it all sounds like rather jolly good fun thus far!

sadly, his hosts were having none of taking him to Club Knight Rider, instead taking him to something called the Kampala Casino. the "playa" skills of Spiros, alas, are somewhat lacking, and by all accounts a game of chance called Lucky Leprechaun or something got the better of him.

two other things got the better of him too, it would seem. one would be some sort of French security guard wearing shorts, the other being the rather splendid sounding Nile Lager. it does look like a splendid drop of ale, even though it is not a proper drink. however, as Spiros apparently passed out twice after a couple of sips, it is clearly not intended for those who live The Spiros Life, a lifestyle more commonly full of elegant cocktails, Pimms and other rather more, shall we say, fruity delights.

the mind boggles as to what would have happened to Spiros had he passed out in Club Knight Rider; one can only speculate that the DJ chap there would have at least helped to "take care of him"......

more from the adventures of Spiros when he updates me!!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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