Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Andrew Sachs

it would be all but impossible for most of us to look at this picture and not smile

Andrew Sachs is one of the most fondly thought of actors in history, and it's all because of his six hours of work as the much maligned Manuel in Fawlty Towers. everyone who has seen the show has a soft spot for him. he would be an unusual choice, then, to play a bad, unfunny joke on.

this waste of space that goes by the name of Russel Brand (don't really care if that's the correct spelling, in fact i hope it isn't) apparently called up Mr Sachs and left all sorts of messages concerning what he claims to have done with his granddaughter. and for claims you can probably take it as a given that he made it all up.

a few years ago, this bland Brand decided to make up some stories about "having a go" with Rod Stewart's daughter. Rodders was having none of it, made the fool make a very public and rather humiliating confession to that extent, and we all hoped that Brand would have faded away after it. sadly not.

i have no problem with "offensive" humour, so long as the emphasis is on humour. the late, great George Carlin was a prime example of just this. what i don't understand, and what no one can explain, is exactly what the joke is supposed to be behind calling a 78 year old respected gentleman up and leaving obscene messages?

it seems that bland Brand relies on conjuring up stories of fabricated romantic interludes to draw attention to himself. oh dear me, if one has to kiss and tell, one really hasn't done much of the right kissing, have they?

bland Brand seems to have come to fame thanks to this insipid Big Brother show, a concept that has yet to produce any form of talent or worthwhile being. South African readers only need consider the bemusing "i'm an intellectual, innit?" ramblings of Leigh 'la-dee-daah' Benning (or whatever her name is) to get what i am talking about.

Brand's "autobiography" (he can't even fabricate interesting stories for it) is called My Booky Wook. i would suggest this waste of space needs some sort of professional attention, not a broadcasting platform. let's hope he's off the air forever.
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