Tuesday, October 28, 2008

new vibes

nice one!

i am delighted to report that my latest stash of vinyl (and a couple of digital thingies) has arrived!

the exchange rate went a bit wild so i ended up paying slightly more than i intended for them, but never mind, they are all ace!

the pick of the bunch would of course be the best song of the year, Another Way To Die. it's on an ace, shiny gold slab of vinyl, and well worth checking out (see previous posts!). best of all is the artists list on the back of the single - it seems that Ms Alicia Keys did not play the piano on the song, no matter what the video for it suggests. this means that one can listen to the b-side, an instrumental version of it, safe in the knowledge that she probably wasn't even in the studio when it was recorded.

also in the pack was the CD & 7" of The Shock Of The Lightning by Oasis. this is a bit of a disappointment. Oasis singles were known and loved for being 4 track affairs, with either 3 extra, killer tunes or 2 new ones and a live classic. sadly, this one in both formats is just coupled with a remix of another album track. oh dear, when bands start doing that, it's normally a sign of them about to split.

and, for good measure, there's some sort of Stereophonics DVD single. i think it's called Superman. not sure really, only paid 25p for it!

get yourself some bangin' vibes and be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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