Monday, August 20, 2012


hi there

one of the down sides of Mum & Dad heading to New Zealand has certainly been Dad deciding to take his entire class tool shed contents with him. a subsequent down side to that is Dad is no longer on hand to do any mending or DIY jobs around our house, our house being Falcom Crest i suppose. or Krebbs ranch. very much up on the down side of that last one, though, is no more are various items in our house, be they shelves, walls or doors, are called a "bastard" or "bloody thing" by Dad. he did tend to find a level of insolence in all the parts of our house that we required him to drill or hammer, to be honest.

the result of the above is that i kind of have to sort some tools out for around the house and - with this being the interesting part - clock how to do these DIY jobs on my own. i am pretty comfortable with the swearing part, the getting things fixed bit not so much.

to this end, then, i have purchased what i consider to be a rather good start to my tool collection - a rather class looking drill.

i think this is the kind of one that Dad has. under no circumstances was i allowed to use Dad's one. in fact, i could not even hold it, or look at it for an extended period of time. i did however see enough of it to know that it was mostly green, and as all the others were sort of yellow or orange i opted to get this one.

plus it was a really good price, and it came with "extras" in the form of no less than 39 things to add on the end of the drill!

i'm not 100% sure how to use this, or what all 39 bits actually do, but it does come with an instruction book. i will probably have a read of that before doing any heavy duty drilling, which is an interesting difference of approach to how Dad tackles such things. for him an instruction book is merely something to throw in the bin if you enjoy doing that sort of thing, presumably an added bonus from the manufacturers.

i could also just let James and William have a go with it. they will soon work out what all the buttons do, and if i don't put any actual drill thingies in the drill then there's limited damage they can do, surely?

yes, for those who know me and know of my numerous disasters with DIY, i will be very, very careful when i pluck up the courage to use it. just to be safe, i dare say that i can find something of Dad's to have around when i use it. something to look for to get guidance and inspiration. or perhaps just to laugh at in order to ease the pain of having one of them drill bits removed out of my hand.

i believe the first job for the drill will be to have a go at mending the bed. James and William are prone to seeing our bed as a trampoline, something that the planks underneath the mattress tend not to like at all. well, i assume they don't like it and are not simply falling off, snapping screws as they do so, of their free will. i shall do my best to let you know how that works out, as and when i have a go, and indeed as and when i can type again after then should things not go as well as hoped.

wish me luck!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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