Wednesday, January 18, 2017



one of the more interesting aspects of modern life is the distinct and noticeable lack of sightings, look you see. we live in a time when the sights of yore should be free flowing and, frankly, all over the place.

for the last decade or so there's been a proliferation, to say the least, of phones what are mobile and what have cameras welded to them. this, combined with social media and the ability to share, stream and otherwise upload all that you do with a phone what has a camera welded to it, live and to a worldwide audience, means we should be awash with footage of alien abductions and scenes of The King, Elvis Presley going about his secret hiding life.

whilst the lack of footage of aliens, or people getting abducted by aliens to have all sorts of bum probes and what not done on them, is probably explained away by theorists as "proof of government control of the internet", the absence of scenes showing The King, Elvis Presley not so much. other than fearing his power, why would governments care what He was doing?

oh, and by the way, as an aside, if the theorists happen to be correct about complete government control of the internet, thank you very much indeed, governments, for all them mucky pictures you have put on it. well worth all the tax contributions; they are splendid.

it is very nice, then, and indeed a little exciting when news of a sighting of The King, Elvis Presley is brought forth to us, His humble acolytes, here in 2017.

no, the above is not the present sighting of The King, Elvis Presley in focus here. that just so happens to be four really smart discs of Him and His music which came in the post today off of Mum & Dad. nice one, much appreciated, and i am very much enjoying having a listen.

oh, theorists, look. them lot at the CIA, the ones that for some reason like wearing sunglasses and shooting people in strange lands, have released a whole load of documents out of their library. apparently some are UFO sighting and alien related.

anyway, The King, Elvis Presley and his recent sighting. at his own birthday blessing, no less, and at Graceland, apparently. here, via one of them social media things called Evidence Elvis Presley Is Alive, is the image of Him watching the evocation being administered.

yes, quite. i believe they mean He is the chap in the sort of central middle position, wearing some boss spectacles and sporting a beard. many thanks indeed to NME for alerting me to this.

whilst i firmly believe the world would be a better place if He, The King, Elvis Presley, were to be alive and well and living a life of seclusion, i am not so sure this image is proof. rather than looking like Him, this chap rather looks more like a salty sea dog. or an actor preparing for a revival of the Captain Birdseye character off of the documentaries about rectangular fish which were popular in the 70s. at a glance, it even looks quite suspiciously like a fat Gary Glitter, out and about free when he perhaps should not be.

oh well, if this image is indeed He, The King, Elvis Presley, the what a wonderful and amazing thing to be able to see.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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