Wednesday, January 25, 2017

the most massivest strawberry in history

hello there

at a glance i know, look you see, that the title of this post has a ring to it which would suggest i have finally gotten around to getting the hang of all this writing business. no, alas, or alas no if you prefer. i cannot take credit for those words, or the title. that honour, if i may be so bold as to say it is an honour, must befall young William, who uttered the phrase in reference to the main crux of this post.

indeed the above is William with what he considers to be, until such time as evidence expressly says otherwise, the most massivest strawberry what has ever been grown in the world. and yes that is his brother in the background; a brother who kindly expressed a gesture of passing interest in this.

whilst i know you will all be keen to see, and indeed read, more of this, the most massivest strawberry in history, i thought it would be a good idea to mix it up some with other things. like, for instance, the growing interest Gran has in the art of selfies.

this was from a couple of weeks ago, on a day when i elected not to do anything with my hair. sorry for that, but one can't be going off and applying quality hair styling products every single day.

if you were to suggest that Gran's growing interest in selfies was due to me somehow coercing her i would say yes, very much so i suppose. she is rather fascinated and keen on this technology we all have today. what Gran likes most about my phone, however, is not so much the camera for selfies but the fact that it can retrieve information off of an "internet".

frequently in our conversations, you see, a name, face or place will crop up. perhaps it is one we are not sure of the details or specifics of, despite a shared experience in many cases. it is but the work of a moment for me to look it up, then. Princes Highway in Sydney was the most recent thing i looked up, for example, as we were discussing the time when i lived in Australia and Gran and Gramps came to visit.

as awesome as Australian highways are i suspect you would rather be more keen on more strawberry, less road at this stage. and so here you are.

what's the story behind this, the most massivest strawberry in history and our brief curatorship of it? pretty interesting, really. i believe my (considerably) better half bought the packet, or if you like punnet, of strawberries in which this was in, and placed it in the fridge. William, being of some appetite, was looking in the fridge for something to eat. he exclaimed merriment and did a little dance of joy when he saw how massive one of the strawberries was. he asked if he could have it, and i said yes, of course.

is there any provenance or substantiation to the claim that this strawberry is indeed factually verified as the most massivest in history? yes, in as far as William says that it is. as he has not been presented with a bigger one, then yes for him it is true that this is the largest, or if you like most massivest. and that is good enough for me.

it's like the old test of how we see fact and how we see belief. many people accept the fact, for instance, that Australia exists. they, however, are acting on trust and belief alone, for if they have never been there themselves then they cannot know as absolute fact that it is real. people like me can reassure you all you want, but it's not fact for you unless you experience it.

yes, the above is an assortment, or if you will selection, of old school types of sweets, presented to me by Magic, my legendary occasional co-pilot. no, he was not in the car with me when the fan belt went knacked earlier in the week, and so he is ok and not with his neck all knacked like what happened to Goose out of Top Gun, but thank you for asking.

these sweets do look splendid, and look is all i can offer you, i fear. when the boys are not actively seeking out strawberries of various sizes they do really like sweets. in their wisdom they decided that this Magic bloke, who they like the sound of, must have intended them to be for him.

to this end, then, they elected to trouble themselves with eating them without going to the trouble or fuss of asking if they should or could.

other than being pertinently and perfectly true, the above is a most splendid item which my Gran found as she was sorting through some papers. she passed it over to me, thinking that i would like it. which i do. i thus thought it best to share it with you, so you may be reminded or you might know.

another look at the most massivest strawberry in history, and William's understandable pride in being able to hold and behold such a thing? of course.

and how was the strawberry, other than massivest? William assured me that it was a most fine and splendid thing to eat, and that he would welcome more such fruit being presented to him as and when he was of a mind to consume more of them.

no, by the way, i did not prompt these pictures - he requested that i take them. perhaps one day, when he is older and has a licence to use an "internet", he will discover this, and remember the day.

in realistic terms, i think that is just about all i could tell you of the most massivest strawberry in history. i certainly hope that this has been interesting and insightful for you all.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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