Wednesday, January 04, 2017

star wars lava lamp

hi there

something of a glance back, look you see, rather than forward. i was browsing certain files held within the many drives of my computer (well, the one) and found some images that i had forgotten about. images and, indeed, a most splendid video.

of the numerous gifts which, in his infinite wisdom, Father Christmas bestowed upon our family, one - or rather two - that would be of some interest in a broader sense would perhaps be some Star Wars branded lava lamp things. whilst there are two in our house, for in the pursuit of fairness both of our children were to receive one, it's just the one of them on display here. i assure you both are the same, and indeed very much do the same job.

yes, as would be standard, the above does indeed show off the glory of the lava lamp in Commodore 64 mode with scan lines most decidedly on. yes, for all you strange people who for some reason do not appreciate the clarity which Commodore 64 mode brings to the world, there are some images below not in this particular format.

some law has somehow been broken in, i suspect, the boys being given these as gifts. the box for the Star Wars lava lamp makes an awful lot of fuss in stressing that it is not some sort of toy, and advises that it is only meant or otherwise intended for use by those who have an age which exceeds 14 years.

we, which is to say my (considerably) better half and i, would like to think we've done as decent enough job of parenting as required that both of our children understand that "lamp" does not equate to "toy". that said, should the constabulary or other such authorities call in i will not hesitate in instructing them that it was all the idea of my (considerably) better half, and that i was too scared to stop her.

there above is indeed the lava lamp of Star Wars in non-Commodore 64 mode for your viewing pleasure, and with the lamp very much doing its thing.

i appreciate that a still image of a lava lamp does not reveal the full wonders or dynamics of what the lamp does. to this end, then, for those of you able to play back video as it features here on this blog, here is the lamp in all sorts of lava action.

as i think you can more or less make out, the movements of the lava lamp of Star Wars features a most splendid sort of space battle. there is a mixture of the ostensible bad guys space rockets and the ostensible good guys space rockets, all floating around as if they were contesting combat.

are they any good? yes, i suppose so. for just south of £20 a pop, they are not what one would call cheap, but are presumably of a reasonable price for something that is a lava lamp and is, further, a Star Wars branded thing. Disney didn't buy Star Wars to be charitable with it, to be sure.

the box off of the lava lamp, so that if you are inclined to own such a splendid thing yourself you know what it is you are looking for? of course.


oh, i see it is in fact called a "galaxy battle light" rather than a Star Wars lava lamp, well, same thing, give or take, more or less and so forth.

anyway, if you are a fan of either lava lamps even when they are not called lava lamps, or are in that small bracket of people who for some reason like Star Wars branding, i trust this has been of some passing interest to you. should you happen to be a fan of both lava lamps and Star Wars, well then so much the better.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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