Saturday, January 07, 2017

the snow globe


indeed i do know, look you see, that the gifted trinket of a snow globe is normally something that one would associate with Christmas. Christmas has, depending on how you look at your glass, either just gone or is quite a while away. but we are going to look at a snow globe here anyhow.

not just any snow globe, of course. no, this is a bespoke snow globe. handmade, no less, and sort of, by Spiros. yes, reader, that Spiros.

it would indeed be traditional to have something of a Christmas, or plain winter, theme for the image inside a snow globe. you are correct if you think that. but this is Spiros that made this. his ideas of Christmas, all things festive and stuff to do with winter, differ from the rest.

as i would think you can make out this snow globe what Spiros made, in the loosest sense of made possible, features the likeness of a gent. a profile picture or power shot if you like. and not just of anyone.

before we go on, however, i do appreciate that a snow globe is best shown off via the medium of moving images, or if you like a film, rather than from a stagnant look. to that end, then, for those of you who can play video back off this blog here is a video of the globe of snow in action.

the image, or should i say as you will see images, inside the snow globe are of the former house boy and personal assistant to Spiros, a chap i will not name here. no, no reason not to, i simply cannot be bothered. although yes i would not be able to use the special name Spiros called him by.

in some circles, it is true, the houseboy of Spiros was often referred to as "the Kato Kaelin of Scandinavia", only without the high profile and lucrative frequent appearances on CNN during the 90s. he was a chap with a fondness for measuring men for clothes, and indeed for dismantling without ever quite fixing broken clocks and other such timekeeping devices.

where is the houseboy now? the last Spiros heard was that he'd gone off to be some sort of duck minder, or possibly to be the ostensible lead vocalist in a tribute band to a rather obscure band off of Europe, the name of which escapes me for the moment.

for what reason did Spiros craft this snow globe for me? he happened to wrestle the snow globe off of someone during a fight, i believe, and decided to discard the original pictures in it so that he may place these images you see in. i was quite happy to accept, of course. in particular as some Marlboro was also in the very same package.

anyway, thank you once again Spiros!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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