Thursday, January 05, 2017

some fanny snow fell


waking up in order to head off to verk is, look you see, a somewhat provocative thing at this time of year. some - many, as point of fact - would describe it as depressing. not because of what lies ahead as one earns a living, but rather because we're embellished with so much darkness. i would not wish to state it as fact, but due to our position on the planet and the vagaries of how we rotate about the sun i think at this time of year we only experience some 25% of the daylight we do in summer.

what makes this somewhat slightly less enjoyable is the fact that we are now firmly within the window in which snow may well fall. which, kind of, it did this morning.

the above image does indeed show my car, or if you like 'wheels' or if you like even more 'ride', beautified by the touch of snow. fear not, though, for as the title of this post alludes to it is only fanny snow, and not the proper, hard man stuff.

it was not too surprising that some snow eventually fell upon us. as part of the English way of doing things we have been greeted all but daily with forecasts of "major snow havoc" coming since, oh, October. but of course the moment they stopped forecasting or predicting it, what with weather bureaus being little more than sangomas with technology, it would start.

as i woke and opened the curtains i was greeted with the familiar fluffy white ways of snow gently drifting down past the street lights. oh no, i said. as i looked down around the ground, however, i said oh yes. for whatever reason this snow was not quite so big and clever as it thought it was and thus was not able to dominate the roads or paths too much. it seemed to melt away to nothing upon touching the ground. which, rather thankfully, meant no really treacherous driving conditions had to be faced down.

it did, however, have enough about it to cling to our cars.

i am not convinced you can make this out, but if you stare at the above - like one of them "hidden image" picture things - you might just be able to make out the likeness or visage of one Luke Skywalker. whilst we had no snow warnings we did get news of a massive frost forecast, so i elected to put my boss deflector shield on the car last night in anticipation of it. not as well as could have been done, sadly, as some snow sneaked below it, and formed as frozen ice on the screen. as opposed to, say, boiling ice.

my most dapper and very useful sunroof was pretty much frozen closed by the snow which fell and stayed on the car overnight and through the earlier parts of the day today. i say pretty much, but i have no idea as i did not attempt to engage the mechanism which opens and closes it. sometimes, dear reader, it is enough to just assume, and there is no need to test a notion for factual accuracy.

another look at the Luke Skywalker deflector shield under snow, but only this time in the more stylish format of Commodore 64 mode? surely.

no, the sky wasn't really purple, that's just the sky being made all the more awesome by Commodore 64 mode. although i would confess that yes, no you can't see young Luke any clearer in the above.

indeed i have placed the deflector shield on again this evening, on the off chance that more of this stuff falls. hopefully not, but i suspect that at some point soon we shall have to contend with the stuff in a non-fanny, full force sort of way for a little while.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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