Sunday, January 22, 2017

pension payout progress


one of the more interesting aspects of this "internet" thing is just how many financial experts have taken quite a shine to it. several, often for a small if not modest fee, offer to show you how to be solvent for eternity by means of teaching you their skill and prowess when it comes to attaining cash.

quite often some of these financial wizards are, look you see, declared charlatans and fraudsters. whilst i find it difficult to fathom that someone should take the time and resources required to display falsehoods on the internet for something as trivial as the purpose of gaining money, i should nonetheless suggest all of you express exceptional caution and care when soliciting financial advice from this "internet".

thankfully, though, this blog post is not offering financial advice or guidance, solicited or otherwise. no, instead it is something of a brief celebration of, at last, some success coming into being with regards to my pretty standard, if not conventional, pension plans.

not once have i ever claimed to or clutched at the idea of having some sort of special formula or plan in respect of pension provisions. no, thank you, i have always been quite content to take the approach of the majority of people in this regard. which is to invest in the curiously named "national lottery" pension fund.

the name of a pension fund does not, i suppose, matter as much as whether or not it performs. up to now, of course, i have not experienced it performing as such, as i seldom get a notification that any of my investments have matured. that, as you can see above, changed. the pension fund administrators informed me that i had a dividend due to the extent of £25.

granted, this sum is not quite one which would put me in the "no longer need to earn funds" bracket of life, and nor is it an amount that would see yacht sellers actively seek me out in the hope of persuading me to part with coins of money for some form of boat. it is, however, a nice return on investment. so long as one does not tally up how much one has invested over the years to gain this return, but rather focuses on the smaller amount set aside in the short term which led to this immediate return.

what did i do with this most generous and elaborate pension payout? diversified my investments someone. a substantial portion of it was invested in telecommunications, whereas a smaller portion was invested in another form of national lottery pension fund scheme, known rather colloquially as the "scratchie". the scratchie is something that my (considerably) better half administers on my behalf.

the investment in that pension fund system was modest, yes, but as point of fact produced another, modest return. which was nice. this return was then re-invested back into the primary national lottery pension fund system. sadly this investment has not gone quite so well.

again, i am quite keen to point out that i am not by any stretch offering any form of financial advice for you or to you, reader of this. i'm just sharing what i am doing in respect of my pension fund plans so you can use it as some sort of comparison, i guess, to see how your own plans are going.

that said, yes i most certainly shall be continuing to pursue this form of pension fund investment. other than being the most popular form of pension plan here in the country, it also has the added benefit of not having to deal with some smarmy, sycophantic bstard in a shiny suit to invest.

now if you will excuse me, man flu has once again befallen me. i must take to my bed of illness in the hope that the gods, whoever they may be, grant me recovery.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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