Sunday, January 01, 2017

the visit


late last week, or if you like towards the end of last year, we have an extra special visitor to our home. Gran let it be know, look you see, that she wished to visit. and what Gran wants Gran very much gets, thank you very much, and anyone who says otherwise must come at me with such a claim.

mostly the purpose of the visit was, other than to get out and about, to come and see what the boys got for Christmas off of Father Christmas. highlights of these gifts are matters you can see somewhere or other on this blog, in some different corner.

as part of the English way of doing things, however, it would be both an act of folly and downright rude not to offer, and indeed accept, that fine and most splendid beverage that is tea.

oh yes indeed, fancy cup enthusiasts, Gran is very much drinking from perhaps the most splendid and magnificent, if not regal, vessel for tea which we have. it is a chalice off of Woolworths in South Africa, carefully transported all the way here across seas filled with sharks, Somalian pirates and so forth.

no, it is not a cup i have ever used myself. it is reserved exclusively for the more senior members of the family as and when they call in. like, for instance, my Dad should he ever drop in. nothing but the best for him, and this is the one he would complain the least about being handed.

yes of course it was Yorkshire Tea which was served. why would you even ask such a thing, what on earth other sort of tea would you have if something as superior as Yorkshire Tea exists?

anyway, with tea done, onwards to have a look at the gifts of Father Christmas. gifts that the boys were very keen and happy to show off.

the boys dazzled, as you can pretty much see, their great grandma with a vast array of toys off of Star Wars, with them being both from the most recent two, Mission To Moscow and Renegade Ten, or whatever they were all called.

anyway, they were most impressed that their great grandma recognized things off of Star Wars, Darth Vader in particular. they, i believe, forget that there was such a thing as their dad being young, once, and thus do not thing that great grandma had already been through all this Space Battles stuff. it was to be once, famously so, that my Gran stood and queued with me to meet Darth Vader himself, outside of Romer Parish on Linthorpe Road. don't look for it, it's not there any more.

the above is indeed Gran, or if you like the boys' great grandma, having a go with the Jurassic Shed latex and puppet thing of a velociraptor that was delivered. yes, Gran be quite aware of the wonders of Jurassic Park too, she used to watch me try and snatch T-Rex eggs on the Sega Mega CD game.

we had a most splendid afternoon of it all, then. hopefully we shall have chance to do it one day again, soon.

anyway, let me go and have a gander at what this New Year is all about and up to so far. some cold wind and sleety sort of rain for the most part so far, but things change.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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