Monday, January 02, 2017

the first painty doodles of the new year

hello there

if i were to begin, or if you like commence, this post with the phrase art for art's sake you would no doubt conclude that i'd watched a most splendid documentary off of the BBC last night about the popular pop band 10cc. as much as i am indebted, look you see to, 50% of the band - Godley and Creme out of the group made, amongst many others, the video for Frankie's Two Tribes - it would be a misleading start to this post, for it has nothing to do with the band, as such.

my (considerably) better half was messing, or if you like mucking, about with her tablet shaped computer thingie yesterday. tablet in the sense of a slate you would write on and not tablet in the form of a pill one would pop, of course. and my, the word pop keeps featuring, or if you like popping up, here in this post.

anyway, she opened up the much revered MS Word program off of Office 365 on it and discovered that there was a picture editor / creator thing included. and so, as is her will and want, she got busy testing out what you could do with it.

which is how the above image came to be about, so to speak. although my (considerably) better half does not consider the picture you see, which is no portrait of me, to be anything special, it is the first artistic work what she has done this year thus far, and so i felt it worthy of sharing.

what is most remarkable, i suppose, is that the picture / painting / doodle thing within Word these days is far more powerful that the much beloved MS Paint program that came with versions of Windows up to and including XP. the version of it that is with Windows 7 is actually very smart and has quite a few features.

another image from the "family selfie" sessions we had upon the stairs of our home recently? sure.

if for some reason you would like a preview or advance notice of a post that is to come, that beard of mine you can see in the image is no more. it was getting all too far long and scraggy, really. so yes, images of the cutting are to be here soon. well, eventually.

right, our most smart new vacuum cleaner thing is absolutely layered with features and functionality. doing the vacuuming unprompted and all by itself is, alas, not of this number. off i go, then, to make merry with the machine.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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