Saturday, January 07, 2017

further paint doodles for the year

hello there

i know that quite a few of you have an appreciation for the artistic ambitions of my (considerably) better half. that someone so talented lumbers along in life with me is, look you see, something that i also know several of you ponder.

whilst i cannot answer the latter element above, the former is something i can do some business on, as she's quite kindly passed on a further three doodles of a quasi painty variety for me to place here.

the above, so it says here, is entitled Roseberry by Moonlight, for that is the name which my (considerably) better half gave it. as is her will and right, i suppose, for she did create it. and besides, the name pretty much does what it says on the box.

i suppose these painty doodles are not exactly painty doodles, since paint in the traditional sense did not feature as such. no, these images have all been done on some computer programme, or if you like app, that she found, downloaded and had a mess around with.

Star Gazer, or if you like Stargazer, is the name given to the one above. ooh, i note that both variations on the name meet the exacting, somewhat challenging standards of the spelling checker what i have here on this blog, believe it or not.

what's the name of the app or programme what she has done all these on, then? i have absolutely no idea at all, sorry. i didn't ask, and if i was informed of it i either wasn't listening or have since forgotten. and, presumably, forgotten that i have forgotten. these things happen.

this third and, for now, final painty doodle has been named Sunset At The Beach by my (considerably) better half, assuming that i have the file names all the right way around. which i try to do, to be sure.

it is, as ever, an absolute delight to showcase but a fraction of the many and vast talents which my (considerably) better half has here at her disposal. all i can do is hope that you like what you see too. if not, well hey ho, thanks for looking, and hope there's something out there which you do.

more as and when, dear reader, more as and when.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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