Friday, January 20, 2017

and yet some more painty doodles


yes, good and kind reader. this post is indeed yet more adventures, or if you like exploits, look you see, into the realm of painty doodles which have been crafted by my (considerably) better half. should it be that relief could ever be so blessed, then i imagine that it is a blessed relief to you, the more regular sort of reader, that this is all more her formidable talents, less my nonsense.

and so, to that end, let me get on with the pictures, images or if you will painty doodles.....

quite splendid, i trust and indeed hope you agree. if not, never mind, for in all likelihood you're not reading this anyway, as you've headed off to some other place to inspect images that you do indeed care for somewhere else on the internet.

what's this image called? it is, after all, within the realm of rights of an artist to name or if you like christen their work with a title. to be honest about it, i was either told at a point of a sentence where i would normally stop listening, or i was told and have forgotten, or otherwise it was mentioned to me in passing when i was distracted by something; possibly a squirrel.

just call or refer to it as what you will, i suppose. electrolyte purple flower in space pretty much works for me, and if it does for you then go for it.

this one above, which i happen to really quite like a lot, probably also has a name, but see above in regards or indeed respect to my knowledge of what that name might be. stargazer  works for me as a name, as indeed does moonbeam, with the latter having the benefit of being a Nilsson reference.

yes, these images were indeed created on some form of "app" on one of them tablet computer things, but no i don't know the name of it, sorry.

indeed i could just ask her, and either make the effort to remember or write it down or something, but this would rob you of the fun of trying to find it yourself, would it not?

whilst i am hesitant, if not outright reluctant, to call or consider myself an expert in anything at all, i would suggest that this here picture above is from the same sessions as the first image. if, indeed, not just the same image but in a different light, or with some painty doodle fiddling going on.

anyway, yes, most likely a return to my nonsense in the next post.

many thanks again to my (considerably) better half for letting me show all of these classy images off here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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