Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Boba Wrist


i am quite aware, look you see, that for some reason the appearance of any and all merchandise related to Boba Fett off of them Space Battles films draws, if not attracts, a most splendid sized audience to this blog. that is, of course, if you define splendid as being big in the large sense. i'm happy to give you more, then, as showcasing what latest commercial exploitation of a character Disney has made to be thrown my way gives me some semblance of justification in making such purchases.

what is this? well, it's Boba Fett. or at least his head, or if you like helmet. with little sticking out aerial thing on too. what this likeness, presented for your satisfaction in Commodore 64 mode, is attached to is a sort of rubber wrist band thing.

i say sort of, when as point of fact it is a rubber wrist band. one that is red, and one which seems to have Star Wars written on it. in respect of the latter point, i am assuming that one of the "chapters" of the sequence of Space Battles was called this. i am not sure; i think one of them was called Voyage Home or something.

there you go, a somewhat non-Commodore 64 mode look at it, if for some reason this type of thing is more your sort of thing. if it is, you probably won't like much of my blog, but anyhow thanks for visiting.

provenance of this latest Boba Fett bit of merchandise? W H Smith, or is it W H Smiths, for the princely sum of £1 as you can see above; reduced from £2.50. no, i didn't go looking for this specifically or any other such merchandising. i just happened to spot it as i went to get the latest edition of The Viz. good edition too, well worth getting.

indeed the above is not Boba Fett, bit it is Space Battles or if you like Star Wars related. it's a new calendar for my shed, and seems to feature "pre-production artwork" or whatever they call it. £3 it cost. it isn't bad, but sadly for it it's just noth the 2016 Greek Erectus Homo calendar what Spiros got me for, erm, last year.

Spiros didn't go to Greece this year. yes, normally he would indeed make a pilgrimage there once a year or if you like annually, so that he may be with like minded men. on leap years, however, he rather likes going to Turkey. although he went to several Turkish Baths none of them sold calendars, which is a bit of a lost marketing opportunity. besides, as he pointed out, he wouldn't have been to get me one as he had no money in his pockets as he wasn't wearing any pants or trousers most of the time.

more Spiros soon, i promise, including an unspecified liquid specimen. but back to thingie for now.

the luxuriant packaging, you may have observed, encourages you to "collect them all" in respect of the various Fighting In Space characters they have bunged onto rubber bands and packaged.

you may well have noted, or further observed, that there's something decidedly in common with the nine, as indeed there is with all marketing. yes, quite right - no human faces are used for marketing. if they used the likeness of people - say Han, Apollo, Starbuck, Luke, Spock or Buzz Lightyear or whatever - then they would have to pay royalties to the actor to whom the appearance by birth belonged.

the idea that they "just use the popular iconic characters and images" from the films is some very clever marketing bullsh!t, then. but well done to them on that front; the day that i have set up as successful and popular business as Disney is the day i shall cast more stones of criticism. 

that said, it still of course remains truly baffling that Boba Fett did not make a guest appearance in Rogue One, or Renegade Ten as it should have been called, as there were (probably) ten of them and they were far more renegade than they were rogue. in terms of the whole Star Wars timeline, he would have fitted in perfectly. also, it would have explained how come Boba Fett and Darth Vader knew each other prior to their first released on-screen meeting. also also, i would totes hire a bounty hunter to track someone down, rather than send a poor general and some thick stormtroopers.

i would say that i trust this has been of interest to fellow Boba Fett enthusiasts, but as it probably has been i in all fairness should most likely not bother.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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