Sunday, January 29, 2017

one hundred 100s

hello there

more fantastic times for me and the postal system, look you see. Spiros has been off on another one of his jolly adventures around the world. his reason for doing so is all probably to do with him being the greatest legal mind of his generation and as such in demand, for i don't think he ever travels beyond London to start fights with taxi drivers.

anyway, this most recent trip has meant that he has had some rather splendid access to the vagaries of duty free stores, and so has kindly purchased and furnished me with that most beloved and yet elusive item that my magpie eyes crave, Marlboro Red.

yes indeed, there are four of the five packets what Spiros set me, there for all to see on proud display in the glory of Commodore 64 mode.

traditionally yes, a carton of cigarettes does have some 200 in the form of ten packets in them. Spiros has, however, been rather busy, and for some reason could at this stage only locate one half of the present haul. which is, you know, absolutely better than no haul at all.

the eagle eyed, and indeed observant of titles, of you will have noted that these are not the straightforward Marlboro Red. no, far from it. these are them 100s, sometimes called "Super King Size" or "Super Kings". which in a practical sense means they are longer than the so-called regular ones.

the warning images on these, off of some place somewhere in Europe, are interesting. i believe, if we go from left to right, the first is suggesting that smoking can cause blindness. the second indicates that it can cause death, whereas the third implies one can expect to commence coughing up blood if they smoke. the final one is either yet another reference to the idea that smoking makes one infertile, or is otherwise suggesting that smoking causes harm to babies, perhaps fatally.

they are, of course, all perfectly valid and sound warnings. it's not for me to question the science behind them, because i know that smoking can cause no good. but, hey, i really rather enjoy it.

undoubtedly as he goes Spiros shall have reason to stumble upon the rest of the cigarettes. if he is of a mind to do so i would have every reason to suspect that with kindness he shall forward them on to me, after which i shall deal with them by the fairly conventional, set out means of use and disposal.

and now, as point of fact, off i go to address the ones i have, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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