Monday, December 26, 2016

to see what parcels are for free in curiosity


Christmas day may very well have been and gone once more, look you see, but we are still within the realms of the festive season. this is the truth, at the least, at the time of writing - nothing i can do about this should you be reading this in August or similar, to be sure.

this post, then, is a look back at the day we had on Christmas day. hopefully, for the benefit of interested friends and family around the world, i've managed to capture the excitement and the wonder of it all from our side of things. and, of course, in doing so, hope that you had a most fantastic time of it.

the above does indeed show the boys getting ready to go into the lounge. this would be the lounge where Father Christmas, or if you like Santa Clause, deposited gifts - if any - for them.

indeed the two of them very much are wearing Christmas jumpers. the very same Christmas jumpers from a little earlier in December; the ones what have bells on them that jingle and jangle as bells are so prone to do. a link to the initial wearing of the jumpers? surely, here it is, click here.

and yes of course i made them wear them for Christmas day. partially this was out of a wish to make the morning "more Christmassy", but mostly, to be sure, it was to extract as much value as possible off of these jumpers. it's not like they will willingly wear them when the snows come in February or March.

were there gifts waiting for the boys? but of course....

the boys had prepared some not greedy but all the same formidable lists of things that they wished Father Christmas to bring them. James had a locked in list early on, but William's was a thing of revision up to more or less the day before. Father Christmas had to rush around a bit to meet some of the late requirements.

i know what you're wondering. indeed yes, earlier in the year James had a little side chat with me, asking if Father Christmas was real, and if the miracle of some dude in red distributing gifts was all true. i assured him that it most decidedly was for, if he chose to stop believing in Father Christmas, then surely it would be so that Father Christmas would not exist and thus not bring him gifts. he allowed this scenario to sink in, thanked me for clarifying the situation and pledged to remain a firm believer for the foreseeable future.

that is, at the least, what he told me.

the above is indeed my (considerably) better half having a Christmas hug with the boys. it seems the boys have clocked that Mummy some how exerts some control over what exactly Father Christmas brings, and so they expressed their joy and merriment and gifts in with her.

do i want, need or crave any gift beyond my loving family? no of course not. ha ha, yeah, right, sure. i like shiny things and i expect shiny things to be gifted to me at opportune moments for this to be done, and done it indeed was.

what did Father Christmas bring for me? well, as you can see, The Stone Roses off of The Stone Roses on vinyl, which weirdly i've not owned in this format before, a spiffing 5 CD set of Warren Zevon, a pen with Boba Fett on top of it and a Hot Wheels racing car styled as though it would be suitable for Boba Fett to drive. also a boss tin of After Eights, but they are not shown above.

but hey, Christmas is about the kids, or if you like children, and so on we go to a world of wonder and surprise.

earlier i mentioned that William kept revising his list of wishes for Father Christmas. his most latter revision - December 23, i believe - requested a telescope, a microscope, a lovely world, potions and a skateboard. i advised William that Santa could possibly get one of them, and (ahem) he did in the form of a telescope.

no, so far as i am aware, William has not yet watched Body Double, mostly as my (considerably) better half reckons it's barely suitable for adults, so violent and disturbing it is. with that being the case i have absolutely no idea what has inspired him to want a telescope.

that look of excitement right there is James opening up either Space Battles War Front or WWE Panda Wrestling 2K17 or something. in either case, a game for one of them fancy new, la-de-dah versions of the Atari what the kids all seem to want.

Father Christmas (ahem) had the good sense to ensure that the "free download code" for FIFA 17 was used and the game installed before Christmas, as the 50GB of download watching might have spoiled the day. what, erm, Father Christmas did not count on was the fact that each and every game put in to the new machine would seem to need 20GB of "updates" to be downloaded prior to playing. it was never like this with a Commodore 64 tape, or Atari cartridge.

i, alas, have no idea what it is that William is opening up there. oh actually i do, looking at it now it's a most smart tin containing treats, shaped and styled to feature that one with the black mask off of Star Wars. no, not the new one with the black mask, the old one. the old one that was somehow back in the most recent film.

it would be quite something to go through each and every present that the boys got for Christmas, and so i am not going to do that, thank you. besides, you have a full rundown of what i got, so if you are curious just go and read all of that again.

that said, do let it be known that the boys were most impressed with their stash, and very happy with everything. like, for instance, this present for James off of his Great Grandma. via, erm, Father Christmas.

yes, that very much is a Jurassic World branded latex hand puppet thing of a velociraptor; the self-style chicken of the dinosaur world. boss it is, too.

and so that would be that for them particular festivities and gifts for one more year. most splendid and nice it all was. lovely, as point of fact.

what did we have for Christmas dinner? not turkey, as although the traditions of the English way of doing things dictate that this is what you should have, none of us particularly like it. my (considerably) better half, then, instead prepared a leg of lamb what had garlic, rosemary and bacon shoved into it. splendid and most tasty it was.

right, Warren Zevon is currently singing of night time in the switching yard, so time for me to bring this post to close.

once again, i really do hope that all of you who take the time to read all of this - and everyone else - had a most amazing and wonderful Christmas.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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