Thursday, December 01, 2016

jingle bells make money


well, it is time. time, look you see, to get into the yuletide traditions, the festive spirit, the mood to celebrate Christmas.

and what better way, ladies, gentlemen and elves, to celebrate Christmas than through the conduit of some quality, seasonally themed vibes?

yes, it's time to crack open the classics. the Chas & Dave Greatest Christmas off of Chas & Dave is a CD i got last year off of Poundland, or maybe the year before. this year Poundland have Christmas With Elvis Presley off of The King, Elvis Presley on the shelves, and so i bought it, to be sure.

Poundland actually has quite a few Christmas CDs on sale at the moment, as you would expect for this time of year. there's an absolutely boss looking one what features Mr Sinatra, Dean Martin and co, but i can't go spending all my money on Christmas music. great, i suppose, if Cat Stevens makes one at some point.

sadly, it seems, the celebrated, recent and inspirit Christmas albums off of Neil Diamond, Barbara Streisand and Bob Dylan are not available for sale through Poundland. never mind, the fact that they recorded Christmas records shows just how inclusive the genre is.

also, not pictured here is the greatest Christmas record of all; the b-side to the 12" of The Power Of Love off of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. their special Christmas message remains as wonderful now as it did then. i can assure you that i will, as is the case every Christmas, be playing it at least once this season.

but hey, let's worry about what we have here. for those of you who can with success playback some video on this blog, here's a snippet of the Chas & Dave interpretation of O Come All Ye Faithful. and yes, someone somewhere in charge of a recording studio did indeed allow them access to brass band musicians to make this recording.

they, if we just pretend for the purposes of this witty writing, say that a perfect version of O Come All Ye Faithful will both warm the cockles of your heart and bring a tear to your eye. Chas & Dave, i think you will find, go one better, as their versions does wonders for your blood pressure entire and successfully makes your f*****g eyes water if played at the correct volume.

and what of the Christmas selection from The King, Elvis Presley? the inner cover makes it clear that all songs on the disc are considered to be "public domain" and thus "royalty free", except of course for His royalty streaming through all that He does. it's presumably to keep the costs down that they have not licensed an image of Him for the cover, nice though the microphone with the Christmas hat on is.

what does my family - the 75% of them that you all like a good deal more than you like me - think of my Christmas music selection? for the most part they have requested that i keep the discs up in my elevated shed, and that they can celebrate them simply by knowing that i am enjoying them. which is, you know, kind of nice and thoughtful of them.

anyway, now i must ding dong merrily on high go off and listen to this music. well, perhaps the one off of The King, Elvis Presley. the Chas & Dave one i shall listen to, but let us not forget that Channel 5, as they do every year, will probably screen the celebrated Chas & Dave Christmas Cockney Knees Up 1981 special again, featuring such guests as Eric Clapton and others.

ooooh, Christmas TV Times and Radio Times will be out soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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