Tuesday, December 20, 2016

full tilt Australian


it being Christmas does not mean one may be excused from the pleasantries or chores of good conducting in respect of hygiene, look you see. well, grooming more than hygiene, but i am led to believe that this particular terms means something quite different, and inappropriate, on the internet.

once again it has come to be that my reserves of liquids that i use to wash with are close to being depleted. as would be normal, i have then headed off to the various proprietors of stores who sell suitable wares that may be used as replacements for the ones that i have when they have run out.

as  the title of this post in many respects reveals, once again it has come to be that my quest for quality items has led me to purchase decidedly, if not distinctly, Australian ones.

with impeccable timing, then, it would seem that i shall require both new shampoo and new body wash at the same time.

for those who, and i would not know why this would be, follow my progress with items of this nature, i can say that the honey shampoo i bought last - and showed off here on this particular blog post - has been most satisfactory. yes, i absolutely would purchase it and use it again, so long as i once again found it for sale. £2 i think it cost last time, as did this new shampoo.

and, since we are on the subject of shampoo, what better place to start off with a closer look than at that smart new body wash what i have got?

oh, now that i look, it suggests on the bottle - or packaging, pedantic enthusiasts - that i could use this to wash my hair with too, making the shampoo somewhat obsolete. hey ho.

eucalyptus is what drew me to this item. a recent conversation i had with parties who would not wish to be identified here allowed me to be reminded of eucalyptus sweets that i once had in Australia. so far as i can recall they were a most splendid thing, and i totally get why koala bears more or less live off them.

yes, of course, you say. you can only get eucalyptus in Australia, and that is the stuff what koalas need to survive on, so that's why you only get them in Australia. except for the other parts of the world where they have shipped eucalyptus and koalas too.

koala bears, man. quite like panda bears. everyone gets to the first part of the name of them, right, and goes, "oooh, look how cute they are, they are so cuddly looking and sweet, let's save them". people tend to overlook the latter, true business end of their names. koalas, like pandas, are bears. brutal, strong, vicious, destructive killer b@stard bears. if you were locked in a room with a koala, it would be before an episode of A Country Practice had finished before you were begging for a shovel to fend it off with.

and so, whilst you are all upset with the stark truth of the above, the shampoo, then.

i am indeed going with another of these "ultimate blends" branded shampoos, since it was on special. as you can sort of make out, the blend this time is something called argan and camellia oils. i cannot think of anything more Australian than that.

well, yes, quite - that google thing does suggest that argan is something to do with a tree off of Morocco, but i bet them in Morocco who discovered the stuff and worked out you could wash your hair with it in a most fair dinkum way did so with a strong focus on how they wished they could be Australian.

why the fascination with Australian cleaning and grooming (there i said it) products? because they make the best, i suppose. they're well smart, the Australians, at stuff like rugby, cricket, pop stars, soap operas, shark attacks and stuff like that. no way could they do all of that without well washed hair and skin that had been embraced with some form of sentimental hygiene. good enough for them, good enough for me.

if anything particularly memorable or otherwise noteworthy happens when i get around to using these products i shall certainly give an update here. if, of course, i remember to and i am quite short of interesting material to randomly post.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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