Tuesday, December 06, 2016

amazon are looking for a decent writer / proof reader

hello there

once upon a time the world saw amazon as being the be all and end all of online shopping, or if you like e-commerce. they were, look you see, the pioneers in showing what could be done in creating an online business, setting an astonishing benchmark standard that saw many competitors crumble and collapse in the face of.

now, of course, not so much, to be sure. having effectively battered much of their direct competition, it is but of course the case that prices have gone up and standards of customer service have slipped. well, more or less. if you happen to be an "Amazon Prime" customer, something you pay a penny south of £80 a year for, you get something close to the service they once prided themselves on. as i have no interest in stumping up all that money all at once, i simply don't use them so much any more.

this, of course, does not stop them trying to get me to use them, and further trying to get me to use them as one of their paid up "Prime" customers. to that end. here's the latest pitch.

yes. sign up for Amazon Prime, get to see the show that everyone calls "new Top Gear" whilst it ostensibly holds the actual title of The Grand Tour.

it's an interesting offer. however, as funny and entertaining as May, Hammond and that other one whose name escapes me for the moment were, what a lot of people have forgotten is how repetitive and stale their concept of a show was getting just before Mr Clarkson (that's the name) took to punching people. calling this new show, from what i have heard of it, "original" is quite the testing of the dictionary definition.

the above temptation image was emailed to me along with some text, offering me the stark, brilliant and stark benefits of being an Amazon Prime member. what, i mentioned stark twice? oh, i wonder where i got that idea off of........

yes, that last sentence there is exactly how the mail came through to me. badly written to begin with, no proof reading and no editing took place, it would seem. that, or "subliminal" advertising has all of a sudden got a good deal more overt.

the thing is, if they now no longer have enough interest in their own brand to check what messages they are sending out to potential customers, what does that say about the service one can expect? the little or no chance of me ever being a Prime member moved ever closer to the no with this message.

what could tempt me to sign up? well, if they followed the pattern of all other online service providers, which is to say offer a monthly subscription rather than stump it all up at once, then maybe. but as that would see them confess defeat and follow a trend rather than start one, it's unlikely to be.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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