Monday, December 05, 2016

appreciation for my smart new 'Thug Life'(*) beanie

yo wassup my bloods

first, let's kick it off with everyone biggin; it up for the ladies in the house, lemme hear ya say yeaahahhh.

cor, blimey, no. there is no way, look you see, that i can sustain writing in such a manner for the duration of an entire blog post. that above was pushing it. i just wanted to make some sort of gesture of respect to the fact that i have, at long last, fulfilled my yearning ambition to own a 'Thug Life' branded beanie. well, sort of, in both cases.

i have always wanted a 'Thug Life' beanie. i can remember as far back as three weeks ago the idea first coming to me. a quick search of what ebay offers in this respect, however, put a break on this dream. the pricing, more or less, was the issue. the costs which confronted me were -

"official" Thug Life beanie - £10 or thereabouts
"tribute" Thug Life beanie off of China - £2 or thereabouts

call it racism or xenophobia or whatever you will, but i am just plain cautious and reluctant to throw banking or payment details at China for the promise of stuff cheap. although the probably have all my details anyway; they seem to quite like mining and storing such data.

fate, circumstance and chance, however, dictated that today i, me, who has dreamed of it for so very long, would get to wear a 'Thug Life' Beanie.

that is me earlier this very morning - around 8:40am to be precise, maybe five minutes north of that time. yes i am indeed wearing the jacket off of the back of the Jozi taxi rank which Zama reckoned would be perfect for English winters, and yes i probably do need to trim my beard.

as i was walking around town prior to this selfie it occurred to me that i was suffering some substantial pain in my head. whilst i appreciate that an infinite number of people do not care about this, there is equally an infinite number of people who would find this amusing, and a finite number of people who may well condescend to care.

anyway, it dawned on me, what with me being educated and that, that the pain was being caused by the block of ice smashing you in the face like cold conditions we faced with the day today. so, off i went, and bought this 'Thug Life' beanie. for £3 no less, off of Primark.

for what reason is it that i am so keen on a 'Thug Life' branded beanie? if you wish you could dismiss it as some sort of mid-life crisis, i suppose. actually if you did that, i'd be well chuffed, as it would mean that i have more or less as many years ahead of me as i do behind, and that would be boss.

mostly, however, i feel that the 'Thug Life' branding speaks of my persona, my idiom and my outlook on life. whilst it's true that i am not really sure what exactly 'Thug Life' is - a guess would be that it's something off of Tupac or Biggie - it just makes for a good fit, like an old pair of jeans.

Spiros doesn't have a 'Thug Life' beanie. he does, however, have a 'Thug Life' corporate branded tie. he likes to wear it for certain meetings in his capacity as the greatest legal mind of his generation. in particular when the legal matter revolves around participant resolution decisions in drive-by shooting incidents.

what's that? my 'Thug Life' beanie says "therma-tec" rather than "Thug Life" on it? well, yes. it's a minor point, but when you think about it it's the same, thing, really. this is true in particular for any Japanese readers visiting, for therma-tec translates as サーマテック, which is exactly the same as the Japanese for thug life, サグ・ライフ. give or take.

anyway, i am off to rap with my homies, and possibly have a go at one of them gang banger things, which sound most splendid in a social capacity.

be cool to one another, b!tches................

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