Monday, December 26, 2016

Boba Threads

hello there

and so yes, look you see, more bowing down to face the demands of the commercialisation of the character Boba Fett out of Star Wars. this is, spoiler enthusiasts take note, despite the fact that the new paymasters of the franchise didn't take advantage of the setting and did not shove him in Rogue One for fun.

a somewhat slightly different spin on my collection of Boba Fett related stuff this time, dear reader, as this was an item which i did not spend a single penny on myself. not directly, at the least. no, this time around i came to own some more stuff off of him via the kindness of a friend, the co-pilot himself, the man with the call handle, or handle call, Magic......

yes, that is indeed him blasting away on what looks like a comic book cover. except, of course, it is not a comic book cover you are looking at. well, it is, but it's not on a comic as such, rather it has been transposed or if you like transferred onto a t-shirt. hence the threads reference in the title.

a very generous gift indeed off of Magic, one that i have thanked him kindly for and celebrated his indulgence.

a picture of me wearing it? i suspect such a thing would distract from how class it is, but aye, go on then.

my apologies to all who have had the smart image of Boba Fett spoiled by seeing me wear a t-shirt with him on, but oddly there are some people out there who would consider that something that they would like to see. which they now have.

Boba Fett is, of course, the fifth best character in all that Star Wars stuff, and on my personal list of favourites he comes in at an impressive third, just behind Lando Kardassian (or whatever) and Lobot. them two were most smart, they were, and i hope that both feature in one of the other films that they are making.

a look at the Boba Fett t-shirt in Commodore 64 mode? why not.

actually i might have a look at that ebay thing or something, see if you can get a smart Lobot tie, or pair of Lando sexy time pants. either would, to me, go very well indeed with this t-shirt.

thank you once more, co-pilot, for your generosity. i would imagine this will make you all the more popular on here, which would take some doing. your requested appearance on here has already clocked up about 500 views, making it somewhat more popular than the usual stuff i do......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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