Friday, December 09, 2016

jump(er) they say


and here we go with yet another Christmas themed blog post, to be sure, so it is. well, it is the season, look you see, so if not now then when, i wonder?

today was the day of one of them traditions that everyone just pretends that has been on the go for absolute years but in truth is a fairly recent endeavour. that would be, as you may have concluded from adding the title of this post together with the (admittedly rubbish) opening paragraph, the fine art of sending your offspring, or if you like children, off to school wearing a Christmas jumper.

oh, dear reader, yes. my (considerably) better half and i did indeed select these for our children, and we did indeed make them wear them. before you call the constabulary to report us in this regard, however, please note that they were thrilled to be doing so. and why not, for they are boss.

if them look like bells on the antlers off of Rudolph, that's because they are. a picture does not, of course, do them justice, so here is a video for you of the bells in action.

hopefully you are able to watch the video in full, dear reader. or viewer, i suppose. for those struggling to play video on any number of devices, i believe the trick is to install a proper web browser. so far as i know all video here will play back on that Firefox thing, it's just default rubbish like Chrome and Safari which causes something of a struggle.

what am i listening to as i write this? Christmas With Elvis Presley by The King, Elvis Presley of course. i shall get the traditional Frankie Goes To Hollywood Christmas message out closer to the time.

another picture for those of you who can't or simply won't play the video, or would just like another picture anyhow? of course.

no, we certainly did not have "Christmas jumper day" at my school. admittedly yes that was all quite some time ago, but still. one suspects that if Sir John Rowling were given charge of a school in the present day, other than superb results being assured he would not have had much time for this modern trend.

not that Christmas was all that hard or Victorian "in my age", so to speak. from what i remember the last day of school prior to Christmas was quite smart. you could bring board games and such in, and basically just have a fun supervised day.

it is very likely that further Christmas related stuff shall surface here over the next two weeks or so. the Christmas edition of the Radio Times, for a start, is surely on sale by now......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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