Thursday, December 22, 2016

a momentary collapse of the economy

hello there

a bit of a serious and somewhat worrying news update from Spiros, to be sure.

many of you read this blog for the exclusive purpose of learning what Spiros has been up to. with this in mind it's perhaps not necessary for me to remind you of all of this, look you see, but it remains the case. Spiros is widely recognized as the greatest legal mind of his generation. the net, or indeed gross, effect of this is that his insights and input are of a distinctly measurable value in terms of understanding the state of the nation.

it was most troubling, then, to read his report off of London. a turn far worse than the ones we have seen so far over the last few days has been taken.

over the last week or so the capital has been struck by disaster. first someone called Southern Rail went on strike, which meant thousands of commuters who expected their trains to be cancelled due to strong winds, the sun shining too low (i am not kidding google it) or other such reasons found instead that their trains were cancelled due to no drivers working. this was made worse by TfL deciding to change the names of stations to more "Christmas" sounding ones, but in secret, so people didn't get on their train as it sounded like it was going somewhere else. then, of course, Royal Mail and/or the Post Office went on strike, which means post has simply not moved, rather than being stolen, lost or delivered to incorrect addresses as usual.

and now this, ladies and gentlemen. this.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is indeed a formidable display of spew, right across the walkway of a very important path in London. evidently a young chap, or maybe a lady, allowed the sauce to get the better of them. a lot of sauce, it would seem. or maybe they abscond alcohol and this is the result, or if you like effect, of a poorly prepared meal.

Spiros reckoned that it was so bad that people walking to work, doing whatever the hell it is they actually do down in London that makes so much money, had to stop, tut, mutter something about it being disgraceful and sidestep the disgrace, walking briefly in the cycle lane.

it is the considered and learned opinion of Spiros that each and every commuter, or if you like worker, was delayed by some 15 - 20 seconds because of this. such a delay in London is not cheap, and he reckons that the economy lost about £100,000 per person that had to take evasive actions. so this spew cost our GDP somewhere around a billion pounds.

that is indeed a discarded hairbrush. no, it is not in London as such, i took that picture. it was left abandoned either as you walked towards Club Bongo International or away from the train station. in either case, i think it is most splendid that someone brushed their hair and decided to leave the instrument of doing so behind, lest someone else wish to do the same and be bereft of the requisite equipment.

does Spiros think London - nay, the nation - will recover from the economic ruin caused by the incident what he saw? yes, maybe, partially and no. to be honest, he didn't really seem all that @rsed about it. as he took the picture he had an armful of cans, and had just caught sight of a cab driver who looked like he fancied he could handle himself in fisticuffs. the last i heard Spiros was off to test his mettle against said taxi driver, and then was heading down the docks to see if there were any friendly sailors about.

if you're reading this, however, chances are that the economy did indeed bounce back from this. i have every confidence that it shall, hence the use of the word momentary in the title.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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