Monday, December 19, 2016

Richard at the Hooters


well, as we all close in on that day central to the Christmas holidays, what better time than to have the gift that is an update off of Richard?

it would be fair to say, look you see, that Richard enthusiasts have had a hard time of late as there's not been all that many updates of him off of late. he does, as his most of enthusiastic of followers appreciate, get quite busy and doesn't always have the means or resolve to do a selfie thing.

no matter, for here we are, and indeed here he is at a bar called Hooters, which sounds most splendid.

yes indeed, he is a happy chap. this was taken in and around, or if you like during, the public holiday which they have over there in that South Africa on December 16. Reconciliation Day i seem to recall it now being called, although once it had a name akin to Day of the Vow or similar.

my understanding of Hooters as a bar is that it's one of them American things. i believe the focus of it is a celebration of all that seeks to make a lady instantly attractive to a gent of a certain persuasion, in a slangular understanding of the name of the establishment. no, i've not been in one myself.

undoubtedly there's some sort of jolly campaign to get places of this name closed down, for those who are loud if not in the majority on that thing called "the internet" seek to close down absolutely anything if they think it's sexist or some ist or wrong, with their assumption being that because they think that then everyone must.

all that stuff is, in truth, now far beyond tiresome. do they not understand that if they attempt to close down every single means by which people express an attraction for one another, you end up with a cold place? some men like to admire ladies, some ladies quite like being admired by men. and men like men, women like women, etc. if that's not you, then good for you and what you do, dig what you dig, be happy and kind of shut up please to let the rest of us get on with our lives.

as this stream of pictures landed upon my phone i felt, as you would, to be sure, obliged to reciprocate. alas i had no means of going to such a place as Hooters, but i was in the vicinity of a bar just as celebrated and well known. so off i went to do one of them selfie things; one what i have left in the taken "mirror mode" to give that touch of class and authenticity.

several variations of yes would be your answer to all questions. as in yes, that's Club Bongo International behind me, i do indeed need to trim my beard (seems a crime to do so before Christmas though), that is the Zama jacket off of back of taxi rank in Jozi, indeed it is a quite sunny day for an English December.

the above was taken after i had done a good deed. a lady whom i believed to be of Mediterranean extraction and was not so good with the English (who is?) was in some distress. she required to go to the train station and was not sure where it was, so i happily gave up some of my lunch time to escort her and sure that she made it. in the course of our stroll i attempted as much conversation as i could, and it turned out that she was off to Hartlepool. just as well that she was clearly neither a Frenchie nor a monkey, then.

but, you don't want me or my exploits, you want some more Richard. one more then.

that looks like some most smart buffalo wings he's going to tuck into whilst at the Hooters. one would, you'd think, work up quite a hefty appetite going through them formidable glasses what they do the beer in. i would take it as something of a given that the focus of all there is on "big".

indeed this post does echo one from last month, the celebrated Spiros at the Playboy update. i don't think Richard meets people in such places for business purposes, though. i would suggest the focus is all rather more on having a good time, for it is his way.

more as and when it all comes along, then!

cheers Rich for the smart pictures!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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